The Secret to Living a Meaningful Life is too Simple to Believe

Posted On: October 18, 2019

As human species moved to civility from wildness and struggle for survival, the question about the meaning and purpose of life struck the human mind. Time and again, sages, scientists, philosophers, etc. attempted to answer this question with whatever understanding they had. Since the true and complete knowledge of coexistence was not available to mankind, no one could give a precise and holistic answer.

Knowing Human Self is the First Step

Before the question of living a meaningful life comes the question what is the meaning of life?

These and similar questions intrigued human beings for a long period of time. Human beings, being innately inquisitive, made efforts to find a holistic answer to every why and how thrown by their imagination.

With the advent of complete knowledge of coexistence, the meaning of life is too simple and clear which you can read and understand in my recent blog posts on the subject.

A human being is a union of the incorporeal conscious soul and the physical body made of material atoms. These two parts have different functions and activities. Modern science could not visualize the conscious soul as it is free of mass, pull, and pressure. The four-layered soul is different from material atoms in that the soul or the conscious atom of life has 61 subatomic particles performing 122 functions. Being a conscious entity, it is blessed with the infinite power of imagination. Using this power, the soul can learn, understand, and form opinions. This creates a perception or perceived reality, that is more powerful and somehow more convincing than the existential reality.

Being always happy and joyful is the natural state as opposed to perception based on societal conditioning. It can be achieved through studying and knowing the human being holistically. No worries, No qualms, No dissent.

Such a way of living aligned with spirituality, science, and practical living is possible. I am able to do that and helping others achieve the same by sharing my 2 cents. Here is how you can also do it and achieve the default blissful state of consciousness overshadowed by wrong perceptions and beliefs:

Meet your Needs

The human race has been busy making efforts to fulfill the material needs. They do so under this false impression that materials having a finite and limited time utility can be a source of infinite happiness. The essential and permanent needs arising from the soul have not been addressed. They largely remain ignored and underrated. Without fulfilling these needs of consciousness, human beings can never achieve meaningfulness in their existence.

What needs to be understood is that material stuff is meant for the body and survival. It is quantified, finite and useless in excess. Needs of the conscious atom of life or soul are of quality. Trust, love, respect, being useful, fair, etc. are 30 in number and are required in abundance every time and by everyone.

Material needs can be fulfilled through temporary and finite objects. While the necessary needs of the conscious soul are fulfilled in delightful interactions and relationships with other human beings. These are the needs that give a meaning to your life and validate your existence. When the needs of both these parts (consciousness and body) are fulfilled, you will be a happy human being, living a meaningful life.

Thoughts, Speech, and Actions- The Continuous Process

Harmony: thought, speech, and action in alignment

In every human being, there are two states. The state of being that is the situation and the state of motion that is action. Action in every human being is broadly classified into 3 types: Thought, Speech, and Action. These three are impossible to separate and always need to be kept in alignment. There can be no isolation or division among them. Each one of the thought, speech or action creates an outcome that is real and needs to be experienced whether you like it or not. It is bound to happen invariably. That is existence. Once you achieve balance between the three, the perfect state of harmony is achieved. We understand it as living in balance in spirituality. It is not some otherworldly transcendental state but your default nature which is always here and now.

Thoughts that can not be translated into either speech or actions become a cause of pain and suffering. The discomfort or imbalance between the default structure of thought speech and actions, disturbs the harmony and forms a distorted perception, resulting in pain.

Spirituality vs Introspection

Spirituality vs Introspection

Most of the popular spiritual wisdom offers either escapist or extreme solutions like going in seclusion, restraining and silencing the flow of thoughts in meditation, etc. There is no need for all the fancy forms of either chakra healing or inflicting pain on oneself through strict penance. A good round of introspection is all you need. Simply verifying and validating the beliefs that are underlying the concepts that have been formed will do the job for you. Start with analyzing the purpose and the reason behind the origin of thoughts. This process will help you spot beliefs that fuel your thoughts and the why and how behind those belief systems.

Human beings want to live in the state of continuing happiness and want to know and understand the existence as it is. This alone ensures complete happiness. This is because being in reality is being in the right state of mind where there is no pressure or conflict. If your beliefs are in alignment with the innate human qualities of truthfulness and righteousness (the existential reality) then they will automatically create a positive spiral of actions, helping you achieve the natural human behavior. If the thoughts are having the absence of these things, then you will find it tiring and painful.

Understanding and realizing the existential reality alone will set all your doubts, problems and confusions straight. The shift or change will take place from the thoughts that are not representing justice, fairness abundance, coexistence, to the thoughts that depict them. This small shift is what you must try to achieve. It will lead you from where you are to where you want to go.

What is your Calling?

The purpose of human life is knowing the reality and aligning the perception with the existential reality to stay in harmony. Life improves and becomes meaningful once you are resolved and find your calling in life. The calling is universal and applicable to all the 7.5 billion people on this planet:

  • As an individual, you want to be resolved.
  • As a member of the family, you want the family to have abundance and prosperity.
  • As a member of society, you want to be fearless, feel safe and have trust in all.
  • As a member of the ecosystem, you want to be in harmony with nature (animals, plants, and matter).

Do everything to have the above and life will be meaningful.

The takeaway is you need to introspect and try to achieve a balance between thoughts, speech and actions at your own speed, at your comfort. A meaningful life, Eternal bliss, and harmonious living with yourself will be a natural outcome.

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