Why do Human Beings Want to be Happy?

Posted On: January 14, 2021

Happiness has never been defined concisely, but everyone seems to aim for it. Being happy and at peace is the ultimate objective of every human being. The irony is that human beings do not know or understand what being happy is.

If we ask any person around us what the ultimate goal in their lives is? What is the result of all their efforts? They’ll answer happiness.

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Before trying to understand happiness, we should understand the need for happiness. Why do human beings want to be happy? That will lead us to what it is to be a human being.

Every element has four inseparable parts. Form, characteristic, behavior, and nature. Form and characteristics are seen and analyzed using our senses and the brain. The behavior is experienced when it interacts with us or other elements. While nature is experienced.

Now, if we analyze a human being on these four parameters, we find that universal human nature is to be looking for happiness.

Thus, we can deduce that happiness is our very nature.

Now when we don’t know what happiness is, we can not talk about things better or worse off. To evaluate, we need to know what is happiness.

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Happiness is mostly a misunderstood word in the contemporary world. Some people claim that happiness cannot be measured on its own, but rather must be scaled against other more measurable values, such as money, work, success, and material wealth. But as we try to measure happiness against these tangible values, we find that they don’t match.

Quantity and quality are two different parameters. If we are talking of improvement in some activity that involves the physical body then we can quantify it.

Say if we are doing pushups or pullups, we can measure if we have improved by number, style, difficulty, etc. Similarly, we can measure activities like typing, writing, running, eating, etc.

On the other hand, when we talk of things like thinking, understanding, happiness, etc. they are all activities of the life atom or the soul. These are qualitative stuff and can not be quantified or measured. They are felt, experienced, and shared.

Delving deeper into the human psyche to understand this better, there are various parts in our soul or life atom that experience different feelings, and they are all mixed with Happiness. Contentment, success, belonging, pleasure, excitement, achievement, epiphany, and abundance. These are all connected to happiness, but they do not constitute the whole happiness.

Human beings have both the body and the soul or life atom and both have their specific needs. Once both their needs are fulfilled then the feeling that we experience is happiness.

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The complete freedom from the restriction and control of hereditary behavior in all animals, human beings have cultural behavior.

From understanding to being in order and then from being in order to happiness, this sums up the whole story. Human beings have to understand and be in order, only then human beings can stay happy. Putting this the other way around, human beings want to be happy, that is why they are looking for resolution and therefore they have to be in order. It’s a circular loop.

Popular Belief: Happiness comes from external things.

Supported by: This article by Healthline supports the idea that happiness is derived from materials and accumulation.

Existential Reality Check: Existence is coexistence. We exist inside the morphogenic field, the indivisibly connected expanse that soaks into engulfs surrounds, and energizes everything. There are infinite material units and conscious units within this morphogenic field. Being in this morphic field, human beings are connected and every single element in existence.

Every unit there for a cause is complete in itself and wants to play its role in the bigger order. Human beings need to play their role in the greater order of existence. That is only possible when they will be in order and resolved. That is how the whole of humankind can become happy and make others happy.

We have to be happy and commence our journey of happiness and as we understand more we will be able to have a continued stable and unbroken stint of happiness. Whenever we are in doubt or confused we will need to understand more and become happy and then move along the path.

And here we can equate happiness to being RESOLVED and AT PEACE.

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