Anand Damani


Economics till now has been misunderstood and defined as depriving others of the right to use. In reality, anything that creates a usable product for Human beings without causing harm to the whole ecosystem is PRODUCTION. Producing more than what your family needs is Abundance. Business on this principle will create Utopia 🙂

Software Business opportunity


If you are good at marketing and can sell software development services then I can help you set up your own software company with a great portfolio and service offerring for a nominal invesment of USD1

With an investment of $1

Our Services

Yes, you got it right. I can help you set up your own full-fledged software development firm if you are good at understanding and selling IT services with no Fixed investment or expenses.

Your Branded Software Company

Start your own company in the Brand name that you always dreamt of.

Be Authentic

Showcase Good portfolio and case studies.

24X7 Support

For Server support, Site support or Development work.

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