Being Happy is the Default Setting in Human Beings: Here’s how you can Achieve it

Posted On: September 10, 2019

Eternal Bliss and Harmonious Living with Yourself

It is getting harder by the day for 21st-century adults to stay in their default state of bliss and contentment. The majority of human individuals are restless, in haste, confused, and depressed. Overthinking, depression, anxiety, etc., have grown as an epidemic in society, sabotaging the clarity of thoughts and inner bliss. These problems are not inherent but are the result of misalignment between thoughts, speech, and actions due to cultural conditioning. There is something that needs to be understood and corrected to attain the natural state of inner contentment that human beings are born with.

There are two states every human being lives in; the state of ‘Being’ that is the situation and the state of ‘Motion’ that is action (activity). Action in every human being is broadly classified into three types: Thought, Speech, and Action.

You always keep performing either of these three activities, whether you consciously notice or not. Each one of the three- thought, speech or action create an outcome that is real and needs to be experienced whether you like it or not. It is bound to happen invariably. These three things are inseparable and always need to be kept in alignment. Any isolation, division or imbalance among these three causes pain and suffering, which culminates in depression, overthinking, anxiety, etc.

Any conflict between your thoughts, speech, and actions will fuel inner discomfort. So always do what you think, think what you can do, speak only what you think, think only what you can speak and all other permutations combinations possible with these three variables.

The solution does not lie in restricting the flow of thoughts through meditation. A better method of self-inquiry would be to start with analyzing and rationalizing the purpose and the reason for the origin of thoughts. Penetrate through the deep seated beliefs in your mind. Try to figure out the why and how behind those beliefs.

Beliefs that are in alignment with the natural and inborn human characteristics like justice, truth, fairness, productivity, abundance, coexistence, etc. create a positive spiral of actions. If other superficial thoughts subdue these traits, you will find it exhausting and painful to function properly in daily life.

Cruelty and ignorance are animalish. While truthfulness, justice, and mercy are the attributes of highly evolved and emotionally intelligent human beings. Humans have naturally evolved to be truthful, content, and in harmony with other human beings and nature. Alas, these inherent traits are overshadowed by the misconceptions that you learn from society through culture and education. You need to validate your beliefs to get back to the natural state of truthfulness, harmony, and contentment. Using logic, reason, and learning, existing beliefs need to be shaped as universal principles that every single person among the 7.5 billion can agree to and practice.

Realizing that your beliefs are not fulfilling and their direction needs to be changed is the first step and a big achievement in itself. Next step is to shift from the thoughts that are not representing innate human nature to the thoughts that depict them. This shift in thoughts and beliefs will lead you from where you are to where you want to go. Eternal bliss and harmonious living with yourself will be the natural outcome.

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