Life is Neither Absurd nor Meaningless

Posted On: October 11, 2019

Knowing oneself, existence, and one’s role in the same has transcended the whole history of Homo sapiens till date and this goal is still evading us.

A human being is inquisitive and analytical inherently. He naturally seeks resolution to every ‘why and how’ that his imagination throws up. Unless he achieves the clarity of thought, he can not be contented or happy. To satisfy this inherent spirit of inquiry, a human being starts with a hypothesis and validates it against the actual reality that he encounters.

Till the 21st century, the above mystery has not been deciphered. This is because no hypothesis, philosophy, doctrine, or idea has aligned with the actual reality. Neither science nor spirituality could explain the meaning of life that every single human being can validate against the existential reality. Spirituality ignored reality (matter) and science ignored what was not visible to the senses but existed in reality (beyond matter).

This asymmetry between a human being’s desire to find the meaning of life and the culture’s refusal to entertain the same has led him to call life absurd, an illusion, etc. Man compares his lilliputian self with the vastness of the cosmos and feels very small, ineffective, and irrelevant. This ignites thoughts like- we are just a small speck of dust in the universe with no purpose whatsoever. The idea that all human endeavors are futile and the universe is an everlasting aimless phenomenon has been making the rounds for sometime now.

The truth is every other element in this universe is following natural laws (purpose) and is in order except human beings. A human being behaves in an erratic way as he does not yet know what is his purpose in existence. In a quest to decipher the existence and find meaning and purpose, humankind has damaged the earth to the extent that survival of the race is now at risk.

Thankfully, the complete study of human nature and existence has been possible with simply the experience of reality as it is. The hollow aura of flowery words like enlightenment, awakening, realization, multiple levels of existence, astral travel have been shattered. The meaning is profound and the simplicity is evident in living.

Now there is no need to call life absurd or meaningless as the science of coexistence has dawned. Coexistential thought provides an absolutely scientific and logical explanation to this existence as well as the workings of the universe.

Existence is Coexistence. Understanding coexistence and living in coexistence is the purpose.

The matter in the universe is constantly in cycles of destruction, creation, and evolution. Consciousness is permanent and just is. New forms are constantly being born out of the old ones. Everything in the universe, including us, is a part of this greater process. The universe is the coexistence of Energy that is always available and matter that is evolving and progressing in a linear direction. All evolved species (human beings) are having a cyclic process and the process of new evolution is a linear process. The order and motion in the universe prove the existence of energy. 

The universe can be understood by a human being as he is endowed with the energy itself.

The human being is coexistence of the conscious soul and the physical body. The soul is beyond the five senses but within the grasp of the understanding capability of a human being. The soul energizes the body and instructs it to function. It is a complete atom with infinite energy but it has no form or mass. It is free from the classical properties of matter – pull, pressure, and mass. It is endowed with greater transcendental properties of Asha (aspirations), iccha (desire), and vichara (thought). The soul traverses through each cell at lightning speed, energizing the whole bodily system.

The human body itself is the most evolved physical structure on the planet with complex neural systems working in order as a single unit. The physical receptors or senses allow human beings an enhanced interaction with the external world. The soul creates meaning and experiences out of those interactions. The physical body has needs that are temporary, quantified, and satiable. Once satiated, they will become a need again after some time so they are time-specific, location-specific, person-specific, and so on. The soul needs understanding, sharing, trust, belonging, and a total of 61 traits that need continuous fulfillment. These traits can not be quantified. They are needed everywhere, every time and by every human being.

What is the purpose of human life?

  • As individuals, the purpose of human beings is to gain knowledge and understanding. All the “whys” and “hows” thrown by imagination need to be solved with universal implications.
  • As a group or family, human beings need abundance and skills, resources, and opportunities to produce more than their needs.
  • As a society, human beings need fearlessness and security for everyone through just and fair behavior from each other as well as other societies that coexist on the planet. 
  • As a species, human beings need to coexist with the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and nature as a whole.

So the meaning of life is certainly not absurd. Absurdism, Nihilism, etc. are the result of incomplete knowledge. With the coming of the enlightenment of coexistence, definitive answers about the phenomenal universe as well as the transcendental reality are now available. Everyone among the 7.5 billion people living now can understand and validate this knowledge to be able to live in coexistence and perennial Bliss.

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