Life, Rebirth, and Purpose of Existence

Posted On: June 25, 2019

Answering Mysteries and Speculations- The Holistic Philosophy of Coexistence

The truth of existence has not been understood by humans until the 21st century. Although Vedanta and Upanishads came very close to understanding the reality as it is, they missed by a whisker.

Simply put, the reality is the coexistence of energy and matter and one supplements the other. The Energy or Brahman or God is omnipresent and all-pervasive. The motion, situation, and manifestation becomes possible with the presence of matter.

In this coexistence, everything in the universe is fulfilling its part in the whole at the same time being complete in itself. This analogy is valid from the single atom to everything else.

The subatomic particles that form a proper atom are manifested and visible. The non-exhausting, eternal energy is there. Instead of pondering over how and why of this particular energy, the way is to know about the various forms in which it functions and manifests through matter which includes us and thus affects us.

The physical atomic structure is surrounded by energy and as a result is in motion that never stops. This cyclical motion is oval in shape. The subatomic particles revolve tirelessly in a balance where they repel if they come too close and attract if they go too far and this continues.

Evolution at the atomic level leads to the creation of the life-atom or soul with a special atomic structure which makes it free of the basic properties of matter: pull, pressure, and mass. This special type of atom is rather endowed with the superior psychological and imaginative faculties of Ashaa, Iccha, and Vichaar (aspirations, desires, and thoughts).

The Life-Atom or Soul

When a child is conceived around 3 months after the formation of the Zygote, the physical body is ready to house a soul or life-atom. The soul has the power to want and imagine, in order to experience ‘being’ and the ‘existential reality’. It can only manifest if the physical structure to house it is there. To that end, the soul uses the body and the senses to see, feel, and understand reality.

Once the fusion of soul and the human body takes place, the former uses the brain to process signals from outside and interact with the phenomenal universe through imagining and learning. This activity continues until death when the soul leaves the perishable body limited by spacetime.

The noumenal soul is permanent, forever dwelling in its own imagination. It seeks fulfillment and bliss in interactions with other souls via their phenomenal avatar (human form). This physical form is passing and gets suffocated beyond a point. Each perishable physical body is nothing but a phase in the greater journey of soul.

Rebirth and Karma

The Process of rebirth is a simple natural law- Whatever one does, bad or good, gets added into the repository of the whole society and becomes available for future generations. Human beings having the power of imagination come to believe in those things and accept them as reality. Bad interactions, negative energy, and felonies create a hazardous culture, which is experienced by the same soul adopting different human bodies.

The Purpose of the transcendental soul is to build sublime experiences during the bodily journey and learn from the same experiences to achieve absolute fulfillment or enlightenment. This can be made possible through creating a healthy tradition and culture into which being born again will be a delight and not suffering. The whole of mankind needs to put in enough content to teach harmony and brotherhood to the next generations.

Coexistence based Harmonious Culture for 7.5 Billion Human Race

Human beings have the power of imagination that other species do not have. Using this they can believe in something as a fact (truth in their mind) while it is not there in reality. Failing to align perception with existential reality has been the chief cause behind all ignorance and misdeeds done by mankind till today.

Once the coexistence is understood and validated by the society at large, mankind will be able to align itself with its inherent characteristics of goodness and righteousness. There is no addition to be made to the way nature created us, the only thing that needs to be done is shunning the wrong moral values and incorrect knowledge.

Utopia is existing already on Earth only human beings need to know the same. The enlightenment has already dawned and there are global communities who are changing the way of their living. There are many examples of off-grid living and people questioning the existing beliefs.

GOD, Existence, Life, Energy, and Consciousness have been explained and utopian way of living is the next culture of existence. Hopefully, the new true Knowledge will make the world a better place for all the 7.5 billion people living on the Earth as well as for the Earth which will continue to maintain the inhabitable environment.

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