Positive Emotions and Good Health: a Correlation

Posted On: October 17, 2019

People’s response to substance-based treatment as well as psychological treatment is subjective. What therapy or medicine works for one individual might not work for others at all, or work to a limited degree. The same experience, event or substance affects different individuals in different ways. Contrary to popular belief, the reason for this is not related to skills, luck, or faith of the individuals involved.

Holistically Understanding a Human being- The Fusion of Material body and Consciousness

To understand the factors that influence one’s health and response to treatment, it’s necessary to understand human beings first. Every human being is a combination of the material physical body and the conscious soul. Both these elements need to be taken into consideration for maintaining overall health and not the physical body alone. A grave mistake human beings have been committing up till now is restricting their treatment and probing of the problem to the physical part only.

A human body has around 60 trillion cells and the soul enriches and energizes every single cell at lightning speed. The ‘conscious soul’ communicates with the physical material world using the human body. The soul interprets the neural vibrations and sends signals or commands that are read and followed by the frontal cortex. Once the intensity of the same is of the required magnitude, the body starts following them. This enables the soul to exercise greater power through the human body and experience reality as it is.

How Emotions affect Health?

If there is a feeling of love for a person or experience, each and every cell of the body experiences that love.

When a person experiences something that fosters emotions that are not positive, his mind releases stress hormones. The body goes through the state of emotional turbulence as a result. When these experiences are learned and are viewed in light of incorrect beliefs instilled by society, an incorrect perception is formed. As a result, whenever he encounters an unfavorable incident, he relives the emotional upheaval. His mind releases the same stress hormones all over again, every single time.

When too many false beliefs have been stored that have not been validated, many people lose touch with reality and this is what we call mental illness. It’s simply a matter of wrong beliefs that cause all kinds of problems in life. Identifying such emotional turmoils and releasing the same without affecting others is a milestone in achieving enlightened behavior.

Similarly, the physical health of a person depends on how harmoniously 60 trillion cells live with all bodily systems. When emotions and feelings are positive and each body cell is in harmony, the body remains in its natural state of homeostasis. Contrary to that, when cells are not living in positive emotions, harmony, they harm the healthy cells of the body.

The way out is simply through Understanding

Human beings, being the fusion of incorporeal soul and the most advanced physical body, are endowed with the superior power of imagination. The imagination power allows human beings to construct and believe any concept in their consciousness while it is not valid in reality. They create artificial emotions like sadness, hatred, jealousy, etc., that are all the result of wrong beliefs arising from cultural conditioning.

Creating and experiencing positive emotions is the default behavior of human beings. Simply put, the default state of positive emotions is absent when the perception loses connection with existential reality. This absence is what is referred to as negative emotions. In reality, negative emotions have no existence of their own. All negative emotions are nothing but merely the absence of positive emotions like joy, bliss, and trust. Negative as we understand from the word connotes absence. Thus, negative emotions are simply the absence of positive emotions.

To sum Up

Emotional intelligence will never be achieved unless Human beings and the process of how they understand are crystal clear and universally established.

A human being is having the infinite power to decide what he will understand and believe in. As he becomes a teenager and an adult human being, his beliefs start firming up. Once they are formed, they can only be changed or verified with the understanding of existential reality. Once the reality is known and understood, all beliefs can be tested whether they are existential reality or just perception. No force or coercion can make this happen. It is only the human individual who can do it with understanding. That is the power of the soul.

Moreover, when someone is not feeling good and having some emotions that are a surge, he needs other human beings in order to dissipate the excess energy that his thoughts and actions produce. An ideal society where these kinds of surges can be reduced, digested, and dissipated is the need of the hour.

If people can start living by the rules of coexistence, creating happy interaction with each other, negative emotions can be quarantined and ultimately done away with from the social cloud of knowledge. Humanity is at a point where bliss for all the 8 billion or maybe more people is on its way to being created.

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