Anand Damani


  • Having ( emotional and material wealth ) more than needs.
  • Fulfilled by being productive & useful.
  • Having answers to all my What, How & Why questions.
  • Free of past worries and uncertainties of the future.
  • Imagined perceived reality = actual existential reality.
  • Working to help businesses thrive.

A Resolved Human Being:

  • My life of Quest has traversed the path from inhuman existence to a humane way of living. Neither exploiting nor being exploited.
  • A successful entrepreneur and industrialist working with transparency and honesty, Creating joy in over 100 interactions with different human beings every day.
  • Working to help Humanity understand and move to resolution from delusion.

Existential Universal Human Order​:

  • Understanding homo sapiens themselves as a sentient species evolved but different from animals.

  • Needs of every human being (Life atom /soul & Unique Physical Body)

  1. Values like love, trust, truth in infinite quantity for the Life atom/soul.
  2. Physical stuff of food clothing shelter travel in Finite Quantity for the Physical Body.

About Me

Existential Realist & Spiritualist, Technology Integration expert, IT Business Services, Writer, Speaker & Philosopher.

My life is a living model of a perfectly happy human being. I am enjoying the present and working in harmony with others for the global happiness. This is possible by knowing the absolute truth as propounded by Nature to Shri A.A Nagarajji.

Knowledge that is practiced is actually imbibed and rest is academic Jargon. I live this knowledge every moment in bliss and harmony with myself, with other Human beings, and with Nature.

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