The Actual Human Needs and Beyond

Posted On: July 6, 2020

Human beings are having the power of imagination and understanding. This makes them inquisitive and capable of understanding and transferring knowledge from one to another.

Ever since the dawn of time, when human beings recognized themselves to be different from animals, they have slowly and steadily established their supremacy over other elements in existence.

Using the power of intelligence, humans conducted the study of all the elements that they could on the planet and in the cosmos.

Faculty of the imagination allowed humans to understand the existence that they live in. While being successful in studying everything around them, they failed to understand the self.

Human beings have now divided the study of human species into two categories: easy problems of consciousness and hard problems of consciousness. All the best academicians, thinkers, biologists, physicists, philosophers are debating and trying their best to solve the problem of consciousness.

It was not until the 1980’s that the Scientists accepted “consciousness” as a valid area of inquiry. Following this, consciousness became the hottest topic in the field of scientific inquiry, artificial intelligence, quantum theory, psychology, and neurology, etc.

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Science has been till now looking at dissecting things and isolating the conditions and understanding the same. Science has helped humankind a lot and at the same time has been one of the prime reasons for all the problems mankind is facing today. From climate change to a seasonal imbalance to COVID19, all are outcomes of human ignorance.

The human species needs to flip the pattern of study and start looking to study things holistically and in coexistence. I have learned this and by applying this to all the disciplines, I find answers to most of the questions that are baffling scientists in contemporary times.

Now when I look at a human being through the eyes of coexistence, I see two distinct parts one the physical body and the other force that we can call as life-atom or soul. I will go into more detail about the soul in an article on physics.

Now this human being (a combination of soul and body) is living a life in these following 4 planes: As an individual, as a family, as a society, as the ecosystem.

  • As an individual, one needs to be resolved.
  • As a member of the family, one needs abundance.
  • As a member of society, one wants to be fearless, feel safe, and have trust in all.
  • As a member of the ecosystem, one wants to be in harmony with nature (animals, plants, and matter).

Human needs and fulfilling them is the purpose of all the efforts.

Till now, understanding the human needs and purpose has not been done holistically under the principles of coexistence – A newfound knowledge that is a major breakthrough in the realm of Philosophy.

Human needs and wants at each level are intertwined because human lives are also always intertwined. In reality, there is only coexistence, and human beings must look at all the needs and wants together and not as a standalone in isolation.

There is no hierarchy or order in which anybody can try and rate the needs and wants. Till now humanity has been trying to always compare the needs. The needs are basically to be divided into 2 categories: the needs of the body (these are temporary, satiable, & quantifiable) and the needs of the soul (these are permanent and qualitative).

The physical body is unique to each human being. It is visible, takes shape in the womb, needs nourishment, and it grows & decays. All physical needs are for the nourishment and procreation of the species. To maintain its existence and continuity of the species. All experiencing is done in the soul and the body remains the hardware that just passes the signals.

The life-atom or consciousness makes human beings a sentient being. Thus, the needs of life-atom or consciousness are permanent, qualitative, and infinite. Only human interactions can generate and fulfill these needs of love, trust, truth, happiness, etc.

Takeaway ~

Current belief ~ Being productive, useful in regard to the material world is the purpose of human life.

In popular culture ~ Dan Silvester in his article gives 10 commandments on how to be productive. 

As per the philosophy of coexistence, every human being wants to be wanted by others and be useful and productive. Productivity simply means being able to add value to existence. He needs to be able to nourish both his physical body and the soul without causing harm to the other elements including other human beings. Harmony within himself means being aligned in thoughts, speech, and action. With other human beings understand the relations and discharge obligation to create beautiful memories. With nature, consume without exploitation.

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