The Chaos is not Real

Posted On: January 8, 2021

Life is full of absurdity, chaos, and destruction. This is a common belief among nihilists, pessimists, existentialists, Freudians, proponents of chaos theory, randomness, etc.

Unfortunately, this incorrect belief has lately received wider acceptance in this current age marked by anxieties over pandemic, war, terrorism, and the economy.

No one wants to suffer, but it’s generally accepted that existence is painful. All living beings want to avoid pain and hurt as much as possible. As a species, human beings want a life full of happiness, abundance, and resolution and that is their innate nature.

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Many common doctrines say life has always been unpredictable and full of uncertainty. However, this is false. Human beings embrace certainty because they are inherently inquisitive and exist through understanding. Once they are certain about the nature of reality, they can transcend all the chaos and uncertainty in their perception. Existential reality exists and it is fixed. It can be known and understood by human beings.

In reality, there is no chaos or turmoil. Destruction is impossible in the real world. It is only possible in human perception. Human beings should understand the ways of nature first before giving any judgement towards it.

You can neither create nor destroy anything. There is only a transformation. You see destruction because you are estranged from the dimension of existential reality as a result of cultural conditioning.

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Constructive, destructive are constructs of the human mind that result from ignorance about the nature of reality. In reality, there is existence and existence exists as per natural laws and life goes on moving. Only forms disappear and new forms appear, but nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, except concepts.

For every element that exists there is locus standi. It affects and is affected by all other elements that exist within the area of its influence. Then there is a direction in its evolution. Birth is not creation and death is not destruction. From seed to tree, and from tree to seed life keeps on transforming. Material atoms are getting rearranged to create various elements. Complete saturated and whole atoms that can no longer change exist as life atoms. When they coexist with elements that can help them understand and experience, their evolution towards resolution starts.

The ignorance about the nature of reality creates the fear of destruction or death. If you can drop your false beliefs and awaken to the actual reality of existence, the fear of death and the unknown will disappear. And once the fear of death or the unknown disappears, you can know what life is. A mind trembling with fear and anguish cannot know.

In matter, the transformation or rearrangement in atoms keeps happening according to natural laws. On the other hand, life atoms have no rearrangement of atoms, but evolve by understanding and experience.

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With better understanding, life atoms become resolved which is possible only in human beings. In animals, the functioning of life atoms (consciousness) is limited to eating, sleeping, and procreating due to the limited capacity of their brain. In human beings, there are additional qualities like understanding, feeling, believing, validating, etc. Human beings have a physical body and a conscious soul and both have their specific needs.

Understanding the reality of existence is the only key to learning the art of living life. Let go of your learnings that are invalid and incomplete. Let go of seeing meaninglessness and disorder in this existence that is completely orderly and works according to CERTAIN laws.

In Nature there is evolution. Evolution is always forward-looking and improving on the existing species. From matter to plants, insects to reptiles, and apes to human beings, nature has ensured progress for all.

Having the most advanced physical structure human beings are endowed with imagination and the power of understanding. Using these traits they have progressed and created great civilizations and achieved a lot.

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But, so far, they have not been able to properly use their imagination faculty due to ignorance about human nature. Human beings created a false concept of chaos in their perception, that was not naturally ordained.

Life is fun, full of enjoyment. Instead of thinking it as chaos or random you just need to understand it slowly and gain confidence in everyday existence. The journey will start with resolution finding resolution and ending in resolution.

Popular Belief: Life is chaos and uncertainty

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Existential Reality Check: Minus other human beings everyone can see harmony all around. All other elements other than homo sapiens are being complementary to each other and enriching the planet and experiencing bliss.

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