What is Reality?

Posted On: December 16, 2019

What is in existence will always remain. What is not there can not be created. Human beings or Homo Sapiens are a species having the power to understand this existence.

Existence is Coexistence of Matter and Energy

1. Matter in these 4 States (Evolving and in Motion): The four states in existence are the reality. First one is matter that just is. Then we have living things that are plants which grow and decay. The third are the animal types with a will to live and procreate, but no hardware to support cognizance. The fourth entity that is human beings are the blend of the consciousness and a physical body.

Consciousness and the universe image

2. Energy (Finite, always present irrespective of time): Second element of reality is the energy that is always present and all the elements of Matter that get energized by being immersed in, surrounded by and inundated by energy on all sides. Matter being in Motion proves that Energy is there. This largely remains a mystery and cosmologists and astronomers refer to it as the dark energy. The human being is the only entity which will understand this reality and ensure harmonious existence of all these elements. Till that is attained the inquisitiveness will keep pushing him to try more and more.

The expression of each and every element in this existence is reality. Human being’s reality is his expression of being conscious, being fully aware of the phenomena. This is the greatest expression of the human being. This is the actual reality of the human being.

The Purpose of Human being is to align his imagination to match with existential reality. Those human beings who are not aware and live in illusion, we refer to them as living in a mirage and away from reality. Sorrow/sadness is not a reality because it is an accident, an anomaly. It is not man’s natural expression rather a result of error. Whereas happiness is innate, it is one’s own nature.

What is reality?

This idea is different from Gautama Buddha’s proclamation of “Life is suffering”. Life’s nature is not suffering. Suffering is actually not the usual, natural behavior. It is an accident arising from human ignorance. It is these accidents that human beings want freedom from, and not the usual events.

Reality is something that continues and is perennial. Reality is not these anomalies or accidents, rather the most natural and uniform expression of all the things.

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