Humane Behavior- Way to achieve Universal Utopia

Posted On: December 3, 2019

Humane behavior is the need of the hour. From climate change and wars to inequality, poverty, and education, humane behavior is the only antidote to all of these global issues.

Why are humans not able to behave humanely?

Because most of the human beings are preoccupied with amassing assets and comforts out of insecurity. While the rest are either following unverified religious beliefs or vague spiritual detachment practices, but to no avail. None of this ever helped human beings, step out of the miserable state. Humane behavior cannot exist in this environment.

The reality of human life and existence cannot be experienced through building a successful career or accumulating wealth. Humanity at large should get over the compulsive habit of hoarding. Be it hoarding wealth, resources, assets or anything else.

Coexistence and harmony

Achieving Humane Behavior

The human race should rise above the obsession of accumulation and possession of resources. Humanity collectively needs to work for a higher purpose of achieving resolution in living and well-being in life. It will ensure humane behavior across human civilizations.

Resolution in living means coherence and clarity in every act. To achieve resolution in living, it is important to have a complete understanding of the nature of knowledge, wisdom, and science. When these three concepts are studied comprehensively and in a consistent manner, the role and significance of humane behavior will be clear.

Once we understand humane behavior, we will have confidence and trust in ourselves and in other human beings, manifesting in humane behavior. Once we start living humanely, it will reestablish resolution in living and well-being in life. It will spread like wildfire across communities and nations.

In other words, humane behavior will take place when people can relate and understand that Humane behavior is one solution to all the problems facing humanity today. Any human individual can relate, check and validate this proposal. Once humane behavior becomes prevalent, it will resolve all the global problems and result in all-round well-being.

When the complete knowledge about the existence and the human creature is absorbed through an earnest comparative study, it will establish humane behavior in the society.

In a nutshell, perceiving the reality as it is and giving up any false beliefs that are not real will ensure humane behavior.

The essence and goal of all the religious rituals or the spiritual detachment practices is nothing but resolution in living and well-being in life, i.e. humane behavior.

Both idealism and materialism have hypotheses that describe how to survive better as a human being. However, neither idealism nor materialism discusses “what it means to be a better human being”. Our philosophies focus more on achieving better survival methods than becoming better human beings. So we are yet to decide on what it means to be a perfect human being.

Neither religious rituals nor spiritual detachment, neither aversion nor indulgence, neither accumulation nor renunciation could ensure a healthy experience of human life on earth. When the profound philosophical idealism failed to establish humane behavior, what do we expect from materialism?

Since both idealism and materialism failed to address the problem of mankind, human beings created their own versions of “what is better” and started following it. Consequently, concepts like “minimum facilities” and” primary needs” evolved over time. However, these poorly framed concepts, lacking a proper structure or framework faded away quickly.

Human behavior

Concepts like“minimum of this and maximum of that” turned out to be unrealistic and were unsuccessful. This happened because it’s the human tendency to cross any boundary he sets for themselves.

In the absence of complete knowledge about life and human nature, human beings got lost in the maze of their own imagination.

Our inherent state of intellectual perfection and the constant state of bliss have been overshadowed by the unverified and false beliefs prevalent in the society. To bring the lost humanity back on track, it is recommended that we perform a sincere study of the existential knowledge, combined with our experience of actual reality.

A consistent and earnest study of any subject paves the way for the actual experience of the same. When we understand through the experience it always results in a holistic 360-degree solution. Once an all-round resolution is achieved in living, it results in well-being in life. And mere achieving well-being in life is not an individual’s goal. Achieving well-being in life is incomplete until one starts helping other people to achieve the same after he has achieved it. Once you are there, it becomes your duty to share it with others and help them achieve the same state.

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