Philosophy of Holism: There is Nothing New in Existence

Posted On: November 6, 2019

There is nothing new or external in this existence. Concepts like, new day, new year, new mornings, etc. are all the creations of the human mind. The reality was in existence even before Human beings evolved on this planet.

In this existence, all the elements are always existing in the present moment. With never depleting energy, each of these elements is always in action (motion). No element or unit in this existence stops or takes a pause. Since everything is in the continuing state of motion or action, nothing exists alone in isolation or parts. Each complete unit is whole in itself and at the same time a part of a bigger whole.

Coming to change, change is the law governing the physical material existence. No unit or element can stop or die because of the change in its form. Death has no existence whatsoever and the existence is complete and finite. Every element in the universe from a single atom to the milky way is complete in itself. Every atom plays its designated role in the molecule. The whole material world is in order and is in coexistence with the absolute energy.

The Existence is real and not Illusory

Illusion, perception

Illusion means something that’s a mirage and does not exist in reality simply because it is not real. An illusion is merely the absence of right perception. A right perception is one that is aligned with the existential reality.

Likewise, ignorance has no existence. It is the absence of complete knowledge and we refer to it as ignorance. In the same manner, sorrows or sadness are not real. They are simply the absence of the natural default state of happiness.

So illusion, ignorance, and sorrow, these negative expressions are not things in themselves but denoting the absence of default positive traits that are innate in human beings. As we can understand from the word Negative, it denotes absence. All these negative concepts are absence of the positive traits that are inbuilt in human beings.

What is Enlightenment?

Awakening and Enlightenment

Awakening or Enlightenment is nothing but being able to perceive the wholeness, the completeness in existence. Enlightenment means the ability to perceive the existence as it exists in itself, independent of any perceiver. It is the ability to perceive existence in all its glory, in its completeness, in other words holistically understanding the whole existence.

That said, so far the human beings have only learned to see things in part and not the whole. Everything that human beings perceive, they perceive in parts and not holistically. The ability to perceive the whole and absoluteness has not been achieved by whole of humanity yet. Only some individuals have achieved it.

The Philosophy

The Rule: Whatever has existed in this existence since time immemorial, continues to exist till now.

It is only through understanding the whole, does one understand the part. For example, when you see a machine, you understand it as a whole and not as a part. If you are given a component of a machine, you cannot understand its usage.

So once you are able to perceive and understand the whole, you can understand the being, existence, and purpose of its parts. Only through witnessing the holism in existence can one perceive the system as one whole.

All units in existence are in order. All units in existence exist because of the order. All units in this existence exist for the order. There is no purposeless element in this existence.

The matter has the purpose to just be. Plants have the purpose of nourishing and growing. Animals have the will to live. Human beings have a need to understand. These are the traits of the four orders are things that are existing on planet earth. They can be named as:

  • Material world- The state of Being.
  • Plant kingdom- The state of being plus Nourishing and growing.
  • The Animal Kingdom- Both above and the will to live Plus Limited intelligence.
  • Human Race- All the three above plus the innate need to understand everything and experience reality in its totality.

Human Beings and Existence

Universe, Human Beings, and Existence

Like all the units in this existence, human beings also have a purpose. All human beings want to understand and witness the existence in is absoluteness. Humankind’s efforts to know and understand the completeness, the holistic understanding are always going on. From science to spirituality, from religion to philosophy, all these attempts are carried out to understand the reality of existence.

Human beings are incomplete when not in alignment with humanity. The knowledge of human beings and humanity alone ensures human conduct. Humanity is understood through knowing the greater system of existence and its purpose. The holistic understanding of existence helps an individual understand his own nature. Upon attaining the holistic truth of existence, man attains peace.

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