The Universal Human: Next in the Evolution Pipeline

Posted On: October 9, 2019

Evolution is perpetual. Human beings with a big smart brain and fully developed frontal cortex is not the end of evolution. While human beings have fully evolved physically, the transformation of human consciousness is underway.

The incorporeal soul or atom of life is a conscious entity. It is free of the classical properties of matter, i.e. mass, pull or pressure. It has infinite energy which does not deplete with use and it performs various activities. In the animal bodies, the soul can exercise limited powers. While the human frontal cortex enables enhanced communication between the soul and the physical body, and thus the physical world. The conscious soul needs to experience reality and understand things ‘as they are’ in the universe and the human body helps the soul in this quest.

It took human beings thousands of years to understand that there is more to it than meets the eye. The reality of existence is not limited to the objective material world. Up until now, modern science relied on the five basic senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste as the final validators. These are all elementary transmitting organs, confined to physical reality only. The other areas that experience and analyze are yet to be understood and recognized.

Existence can be understood as the coexistence of matter and energy. Energy is the part that experiences and analyzes. Former needs nourishment and protection while the latter needs understanding and experience through the physical body. Catering to the needs of both these parts is the purpose of living in a corporeal form.

All human beings can validate the fact that their understanding and sensory abilities go beyond the five physical senses. Scientific discovery or theory is not needed for a human being to acknowledge that he is multi-sensory and having consciousness. The universal human cognizes the transcendental element in him that wants to experience harmony, coexistence, bliss, and enlightenment.

The Universal Human

Human being is more than just the brain as part of the body. He is the combination of a temporal physical body and an immortal, incorporeal element. Once this premise is put in for validation, it will change human being’s understanding of self and of the world. The universal human, having the understanding about self and existential reality, can help human being rise above his incomplete understanding of himself and the existence.

Coexistence, harmony, and bliss for all.

Homo sapiens to evolve into universal humans.

Universal humans are not magical, powerful creatures but the next addition in the evolutionary line of Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo Neanderthal, and Homo sapiens. The sign of the emergence of universal humans is ascension to the higher human consciousness. Core values of goodness and righteousness between human beings and coexisting with all elements in nature and ensuring their optimal use and regeneration is the sign of Universal Human behavior.

Universal human behavior involves sharing happiness and fulfillment in interactions and acknowledgment of the omnipresent principle of coexistence. Universal humans are enlightened to identify themselves as a blend of transient matter and eternal energy. They believe in creating a culture of coexistence, harmony, and perennial bliss for all. They are beyond culture, beyond the nation, beyond religion, beyond gender, and beyond any ethnic group. There is no division by race, skills, color, profession or gender and only universal human race.

Thanks to Shri A.A. Nagraj and his findings, we have reached a crossover generation that is realizing the true self and living by innate traits of truth, justice, fairness, and love. The enlightenment has dawned and there are global communities who are changing the way of their living. As more and more universal humans emerge, all will be able to coexist and co-create a harmonious world. Collective efforts will make the task of building a harmonious world much easier and faster.

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