You are Natural-born Creator

Posted On: July 29, 2020

“We are natural-born creators. We are here to create only. The universe is constantly in cycles of disintegration, creation, and evolution. New forms are being born out of the old ones, and everything, including us, is a part of that process. “

Plants just grow. Animals follow their instincts. Humans, however, are sentient, and aware of this evolutionary drive through inner desires. That’s how humans sense it.

There are certain things that you are supposed to be creating, they are supposed to be born through you. There are things that you are supposed to be changing and doing, and those are your natural inner desires.

This evolutionary process is incessant. The universe never says ‘Ok, I’ve reached my goal, nothing will change now’. It’s constantly and continually evolving, and so are you.

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Fictional world or the real world, you are the creator. 

One of the defining features you have as a member of the most evolved species- “homo sapiens”, is the power of imagination. Using that power, you can perceive whatever reality you want. In other words, you create your own versions of reality.

What can be imagined, can also be concretized. Be it any technology, belief system, cultural practice, or piece of art, everything was first imagined and then created by human beings.

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Dreams or ideas that were once laughed or ridiculed at became reality later on. For instance, the device in your hand. Not so long ago, it was nothing but a fanciful idea to have something like a smartphone. All these human achievements were once an imagined concept until they became reality. 

The highly advanced modern world is a product of human imagination only. It has endless possibilities for expansion. From fire and wheels to AI and nuclear, the journey has been tremendous and it will see no end.

That said, The problem here is you and other individuals don’t know what to create and when to stop.

Society is devoid of meaning and purpose of existence. Culture and education have failed to enlighten you on why you are here and what you are supposed to do. 

You live in a fear-based society that is hyper-focused on scarcity. Since childhood, you are taught about the scarcity of things. That everything is vanishing. That you have to hoard things, save them, accumulate them. This is what the purpose of your life is.

tissue paper hoarders
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Society as a whole focuses on the hoarder mentality. Possess it before anyone else does. You are burdened by the messages of not having enough. You are encouraged to develop and create more. 

You employ imagination to explore possibilities to create. You are systematically turned into a machine that creates, accumulates, and repeats.

In reality, the universe is abundant. All the things you are told are scarce are not. The artifice of that lack and scarcity is “created” and used to disempower and control you.

The need to ‘create; is pushed into the collective consciousness of the world

Collective consciousness means awareness for a common set of shared beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and knowledge that are common to all. This shared cloud of knowledge base exists in the form of culture, practices, education, art, and more. Having access to this collective knowledge base, you have knowledge that you couldn’t have accessed on your own.

When something is pushed into this collective knowledge base, it is believed as truth and passed on to the coming generations. Wrong ideas of scarcity, competition, the need for creating, etc. becomes reality when pushed into the social cloud(collective knowledge base). When your reality is to create and hoard, you do it mindlessly. You don’t know whether it is right, whether it is needed, and when to say enough.

Takeaway ~

Current Belief ~ You create your own meaning and purpose.

In popular culture ~ Jan Fortune in her article Don’t Find Your Purpose, Create It explains how to create purpose. The article is an excellent account of self-discovery and self-expression.

As per the philosophy of coexistence, You can dream wild and endlessly in any direction and create whatever you want to create. There is no end to the mental capacity. Aimless, endless progression is possible in any direction. However, there is a reality and it is fixed and eternal. Instead of letting your imagination take you for a ride, it’s wiser to align yourself with reality and play your role in the ecosystem to fulfill your purpose. Your purpose as a human being is to simply understand reality and live accordingly. Unless you align yourself with reality, you can never be truly content, no matter what purpose or goal you create. Sooner or later, you will return to existential reality, so why not now?

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