From Self-awareness to Perennial Bliss

Posted On: October 10, 2019

Self-awareness is new buzzword these days. For a long time, self-awareness remained confined to spiritual and philosophical studies, but now it is a very popular buzzword in productivity circles as well as work-life balance circles.

Study of self (the human creature) and the existence is now getting greater acceptance in the contemporary society. Self-awareness no longer remains an “intricate philosophical concept”. People from all walks of life including leaders, managers, and teachers are opening up to the idea of knowing the human beings holistically. This is a positive sign for the coming generations and humanity as a whole.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”. -Mark Twain

When you can see yourself holistically, you realise you are an independent element in this existence who wants to experience the reality as it is. Living in reality alone gives continuing happiness. This is your default state as a human being. When you live in alignment with existential reality, your decisions are always right. This is because they are in line with your actual capacities. In other words, you don’t waste your time on lofty, impractical goals borrowed from societal conditioning. You focus on what is important for you as a human being.

Finding answers to these six questions will help you understand yourself, other people, nature and other elements and the existence around you as a whole:

What is Self?

Human being is the fusion of the conscious soul and the material body. The human body is the most evolved species on the whole planet with the most complicated neural systems biologically to interact with the soul. This enables the atom of life (soul) to have an enlightening experience of reality. There is an opportunity to match the perceived reality as a human being with actual existential reality.

The soul is a conscious atom that brings to life the whole material physical body. It keeps the body alive through traversing each cell at infinite speed. The existence of a human being thus comes from both these elements. Both are coexisting and one without the other cannot be termed as the “self’.

Becoming aware of yourself as a union of consciousness and the physical body is what you should be doing. Like all human beings, you are also having the potential to see your true self. It is so simple once understood. I have explained Life, Rebirth, and Purpose of Existence in detail in this post.

What is the Purpose of Life?

Purpose of life is something that mankind has been trying to find since ages. With the revelation about the underlying principle of coexistence to the mankind, the purpose is now clearly understood.

The default nature of every human being is seeking continuing happiness and experiencing the reality as it is. Achieving this default state through understanding is the purpose of life. Anything more than this is not needed; anything less than this will not suffice. Human beings have both the body and the soul and both have their specific needs. Once both their needs are fulfilled, then the feeling that follows is happiness. Your purpose is to gain knowledge to satiate the soul and abundance to satiate the Physical body.

Does God Exist?

Let’s define God and the characteristics that can be found in the God of all faiths:

  • He is one and inseparable.
  • He can manifest in many ways.
  • He is omnipresent and omnipotent.
  • He wishes well for all elements living or nonliving.
  • His origin is beyond the limitations of time either past or future. He is always Present.

This, Energy or God or whatever you want to call it, it coexists with and energises matter. It was there before human beings evolved. Human beings invented language and then decided to name everything and created the word GOD. In reality both energy and matter coexist. Each one of them is the proof of the other being there.

What is Karma?

The Concept of Karma needs to be understood practically to get more clarity.

Life for human beings is to experience. The soul experiences through the physical body. These experiences create a transactive memory and that information is pushed into the Cloud Knowledge base. The cloud knowledge base becomes the tradition and culture in the society. Every new born baby has the imagination power and learns and adopts from the culture and tradition.

Whatever you do will remain in the tradition and culture and others will carry the legacy. It is your duty to leave a good legacy. Once you understand that you will take rebirth in another body to experience the bliss and happiness, then the purpose of what best you can do in this life becomes pretty clear.

The whole of mankind needs to put in enough content to the social cloud base to teach harmony and brotherhood to the next generations. That is the story behind Karma.

What happens after Death?

Death is a life-event that involves the separation of the soul from the Physical body that the former had adopted and energised. Once the bond between the body and the soul is broken, the body becomes lifeless.

The matter is in a continuous state of formation and disintegration and this keeps going on.

The body which is made up of physical elements gets decomposed and blends with the matter and is back in some other form of matter. The soul is immortal and complete. It continues its quest to find another body to find enlightenment (living in existential reality).

To understand more in detail you can validate with the actual deaths, births and other events taking around you and understand the same.

How shall one live, knowing death is certain?

The best that you can do is create a healthy tradition and culture into which being born will be an opportunity and not a punishment.

You are an undying ever conscious soul residing in the physical body. You experience physical comfort through physical sense organs. Whereas you experience happiness and satisfaction through interaction with other human beings. The latter one is permanent, satiating and fulfilling while the former is transient and a means for the conscious soul to experience and understand reality.

As an objective, lead your life with full physical comfort without doing anything that creates pain or suffering in other human beings. Try and create a culture that becomes a tradition in a society in which you would love to be born again. This is really simple and Mankind has taken too long a time to reach here.

  • Society needs to imbibe right behavior through education.
  • The social cloud knowledge base needs to be enriched to include the innate human values.

These can be the social goals that you can work for. The effect will be the reduction of fear & mistrust and the building of harmony in society. The divisions will be reduced and unity and equality will increase. The whole community, every person in the society should feel like being valued, being a contributor and connect himself with the society. That will be the ideal world to live in. The way to achieve it globally has been laid out in the Philosophy of Coexistence practiced by a group of 150 people living in a commune in Indore, India.

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