Shared Reality: Karma, Relationships and Collective Consciousness

Posted On: June 5, 2019

What is the good we forgo when we choose to not do a happy interaction? And what demons we create in our memory when we do a bad one?

Social interaction is the fabric of human existence. Every human being is nothing but a total sum of all the interactions he has ever had. These interactions with others can either be positive or negative. As long as the motive of having good experiences and learning from one another is fulfilled, the interactions remain positive. When these primary motives are not fulfilled, interactions turn bitter or negative.

The Metaphysics of Coexistence

The soul dwells in its own imagination. It adopts the most advanced physical structure- the human body with the objective of experiencing the ultimate existential fulfillment (bliss). It interacts with other souls via their physical bodies to experience the “being” or “existence” in order to achieve bliss in every interaction. The physical receptors or the senses help the transcendental soul interact with the outside world. The soul (using imaginative power) constructs meaning and experiences out of those interactions.

Being the most sophisticated and evolved species, human beings are programmed to share feelings and create happy interactions. Feelings of happiness, belonging, etc. are real and human consciousness understands the same. Even when the body grows old and becomes non-functional, the incorporeal soul keeps gathering experiences by adopting another body.

The Transactive Memory of Human Race

Every unique social interaction, positive or negative, establishes bonds between people and adds to the transactive memory (group mind). This is the memory system where human species collectively store and retrieve information- it is a shared Cloud Knowledge base. This system can provide the group members with more and better knowledge than any individual could access on their own. Transactive memory creates a shared reality for the people of the group.

Similarly, individual souls access this shared information from what we call the “collective consciousness”. Learning from this shared reality and experiencing the greatest existential fulfillment (bliss) is what satiates the invincible soul. This happens to be the simple and only purpose of existence

Positive Interactions go Beyond Generations

Substantive interactions giving a wholesome blissful experience create a positive shared reality, allowing the soul to experience bliss, what we also call the highest point of existential reality.

No soul wants negative experiences created during unpleasant interactions. Negative or unpleasant interactions are always a result of an error. Life for human beings is to experience. That experience creates a transactional memory and knowledge that gets pushed into the Cloud Knowledgebase. That knowledge base becomes the tradition and culture in society. Every newborn baby has the imagination power and learns and adopts from the culture and tradition.

The transactive memory created during the coexistence of the body and the soul generates positive or negative thoughts (energy). It is this simple and so whatever we do will remain in the tradition and culture and others will carry the legacy. It is our duty to leave a good legacy. Once we understand that, we will take rebirth in another body to experience the bliss and happiness then the purpose of what best we can do in this life becomes pretty clear.

Advice to everyone living is to always create positive interactions with fellow human beings and have good experiences. This becomes a spiral where you get good experience and behave better, and by behaving better you create more good experiences.

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