7 Tips to Fight off the Winter Blues Post Festivities

Posted On: January 21, 2019

Winter Blues emerge as prolonged, drawn out version of colder and dreary days. Now that the festivities are over and you have nothing to look forward to, you feel the winter the most. The extended bitterly cold weather with shorter daylight can leave you down in the dumps. Here are the things I recommend, to turn blues into enchanting days of rest and renewal:

Be Active

Your corporeal body serves as your immediate contact with the real world. So the first step to mental soundness is getting a fit and active body. Keeping the body healthy is one of the few essentials of success of the life atom (soul) or aatman, be it any path that you choose to take toward enlightenment.

Meet people

Isolation can make your winter blues worse. Get out of your blankets and cozy exile, and get yourself company. Being a social creature, you need interactions and, social affirmation and validation to get going. Meet and greet people, and mingle with as many as possible.

Go outside, soak up the Sun

When you don’t go out to avoid cold breeze, you also miss out on the sunlight. Without enough sun exposure, your serotonin levels can decrease. Low levels of serotonin are associated with the risk of depression. Enjoy sunlight as much as you can.

Change Thoughts

Do not indulge in unrealistic thoughts causing you undue worry. Unless you exercise conscious volition, no amount of conviction and persuasion can change your thoughts. To change the thoughts in the face of weak willpower, be receptive to new thoughts and ways of life that have living examples.

Eat Healthy

High carbs and sugar affects your mood and worsens depression. Cut the consumption of unhealthy food as you don’t exercise enough in winters to make up for the extra carb cravings during this season.

Purposeful Lifestyle

If a purpose is needed to be assigned to life it should be living. To be able to live by that purpose, conduct yourself in a coherent manner. For such a lifestyle, eliminate unexciting activities and unhealthy habits. Get your sleep cycle in order. Eat healthy and time your meals. Do not procrastinate. Invest time in things that excite your inner self and are in line with your purpose.

Create your Blissful Reality

Being Happy is the default setting in human beings. This is an innate attribute every human being is born with. Similarly, another attribute that he has is the capacity to perceive and create a reality in his imagination. That imaginative reality needs to be aligned with the existential reality for the human being to be in the state of bliss and realize the truth.

Don’t wait until the 11th hour and expect winter blues to fade away automatically. If your mood and energy are significantly slipping, it’s time to consult your therapist or health advisor.

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