Popular Beliefs in Light of Existential Reality 3 – 3

Posted On: August 7, 2020

Picking up where we left off…

6. On speaking

We have to make sure we are heard even at the cost of being over-expressive. We are told that all our ideas must be communicated.

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Current Belief:

Make your voice heard.

Jessica Powell has penned an article titled ‘How to Make Yourself Heard in Meetings’. Published on popular medium publication Forge, the feature is a well-written guide for people wanting to be heard at the workplace.

Existential Reality Check

Thought, speech, and action are the three processes that go on inside every human being all the time. Unless there is a balance between these three things, we cannot function naturally. Any misalignment in them will lead to weird behavior and be a source of pain to himself as well as other human beings.

All behavior that happens is because we have been educated to find it beneficial to us. It is an incomplete education and we can not be blamed for the same. Given proper education, we will be able to see those actions in a better light and correct his behavior.

Modified belief: When you ‘speak’ less, you ‘do’ more, due to the saved energy and extra focus.  

7. On capabilities

Too much time, energy, and efforts are wasted on acquiring mental and physical strengths. We push ourselves mentally and physically way too much to brings satisfaction, happiness.

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Current Belief:

Luck is predetermined and we have no control over it.

Darren Straniero in his article Luck vs Skill says he’d rather be lucky than good. He writes a very good piece about how to talk about the importance of skills and how one needs to be good at something to succeed.

Existential Reality Check

The existential truth is that the outermost circle of the life atom or soul which is named as (MANN) is meant to be calm and conscious, whereas the body is meant to be used to experience reality. The body is to be used to work hard and produce stuff for its comfort and consumption in an ecologically balanced way. However, the opposite is happening in the modern human world. With the advent of technology, the current human lifestyle requires a great deal of mental effort, whereas it takes minimal physical effort in any activity.

Modified belief: Allow Your Soul to Rest, Let Your Body Sweat

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