The Purpose of Free will and Imagination: Philosophy of Coexistence

Posted On: January 17, 2020

It is common knowledge that human beings are blessed with free will and the faculty of imagination. But the funny thing is, till the 21st century the psychologists, sociologists and economic gurus have failed to pay attention to the purpose and objective of free will and imagination. This is something that the intellectuals among the religious leaders and political leaders need to acknowledge.

What is the objective of imaginativeness and free will in human beings?

The shortest answer is:

1. Imaginativeness and free will are innate characteristics of every human being. Man exists on this earth as a result of coexistential existence and he is equipped with free will and imagination power.

2. Free will and imagination have manifested in human beings and finding their highest point is the goal of human beings. It is the objective of imagination and free will.

The definition of human being is:

1. One who turns the images of the mental world into reality and,

2. One who is the epitome of a healthy and balanced state of consciousness.

Till now, human beings have excelled at the first part i.e. concretizing the mental images. The human tradition has successfully championed shelter, food & nutrition, beauty & health, communications technology like internet, phones, and other stuff for their long travels across the earth. All of this is the result of the free will of human beings.

Free will came into existence due to the faculty of imaginativeness. Human beings have always used free will to drive the imagination and turn it into a concrete reality. The complex and varied human world is the result of human beings exercising free will to drive the imagination. As a result, human beings have successfully achieved the state of turning imagination into reality, the 1st part of the above definition.

Nevertheless, despite all the material stuff, homely comfort, good food, and every other modern world setup, the second part of the definition i.e. the healthy and balanced state of consciousness is still evading mankind. The objective behind all the acts of speech, thoughts, actions, or other acts by human beings is happiness or achieving the state of balanced and healthy consciousness.

Henceforth, we arrive at the conclusion that – “the imagination faculty of human beings comes with the hope, desire, and the expectation to be happy.

Hope, Expectation, and Desire are the natural expressions of Human Beings

hope is necessary

All human memories are affected by hope, desire, and expectation. In every human being, there are memories from the past, testament or evidence in the present and expectations for the future. Happiness/contentment, always remains evident in the present moment.

The hopes, expectations, and desires are not fulfilled in the present moment, therefore the human being’s imagination keeps swinging between past and future. Since there is no scope for happiness in either past or present, the human being resorts to being autocratic and obstinate and behaves erratically.

The model of Fear and Greed was invented to control the obstinate behavior in Human beings

The model and system of greed or luring the human beings was introduced by the higher seats of religions within different countries and cultures. This model was characterized by depicting a mysterious god, divinely incarnated great men, prophets and avatars, god’s messengers and all kinds of other mystical human beings. They were used to lure human beings into the idea of transcending the earthly realm and going into the heavens. At the same time, the fear of sin and the concept of atonement was formed. Also, the ruling system or political establishment provided the assurance and safety for life and assets to survive in this damaged system and also created borders to achieve this purpose.

brain  free will chains

The establishment controlled and managed the society in the following ways:

1. Trying to control felony with felonies,

2. Trying to Mitigate wrongdoing through wrongdoing,

3. Hoping to Prevent war through deterrence.

The establishment of all these religious and political systems started with the snobbish idea that an average man will not be able to understand the basis of the ruling religious and political systems. By the end of 20th century, most of humanity saw all of these political and religious systems getting exposed. Humanity saw what their actual objective was and what they ended up doing.

Man, due to his imagination and free will evolved from being a beast to living in tribes, from living in tribes to living in kingdoms, from living in kingdoms to living in democracies. In democracy, a larger share of people was bent on the “leadership mentality”. Since only a handful of men can get the position of power, for the rest it became a struggle. That said, the facilities and resources enjoyed by royalties during the times of monarchies and kingdoms became available to the general masses with the coming of democracy. However, on the basis of this, the rulers, chiefs, etc. adopted an attitude of “leadership” in order to gain more than what they had.

During the era of monarchies and kingdoms, the spiritual leaders or gurus were considered ideals. At the same time, the ruling kings also saw themselves as superior to the rest of the human beings. Thus it can be asserted that the “ideals” of the kingdom states were full of lust for resources and comforts and debauchery. Then humanity shifted to the system of democracies to ensure that public elected representatives are elected amongst the common public and are expected to be honest and upright. However, these public elected leaders, these representatives of the state, themselves appear most screwed up individuals in the system and structure of the state. The leader of the state is the most corrupt. Unexpectedly, leaders are the most cunning people who are impulsively working to amass assets and other resources for themselves. Unexpected because people trust the elected leaders to be working for the greater good of the state. But once the leader is elected, words like “public welfare” disappear.

In this way, what people accepted as “ideal” or “great” were only found amassing wealth and resources. Consequently, all fools and intellectuals, ignorant and awakened, everyone just became involved in the same repetitive obsession of amassing more and more wealth and comforts for future security out of a false fear.

When the system and administration largely became absorbed in corruption, humanity realised that earth has become sick in the first stage of its progress itself. Human beings started to become infected with new and more serious diseases that were not common in the past. All of these situations are the result of different human beings trying to dominate the earth in new and more advanced ways. And today, the human tradition has become infected with a criminal mentality. This situation is the result of sins and ignorant acts committed by humanity in the past.

As a result of surviving in the state of animal consciousness, human beings became obsessed with amassing wealth and assets and they committed all kinds of sins in order to succeed at it.

For humanity to become free of crime and malpractices, it is important that every human individual has an abundance of resolutions for the problems and every family is full of resolution and prosperity. Expansion of human consciousness is the only way to achieve it.

In human consciousness, the innate hope, expectation, and desire are only and only satisfied in the present moment. There remains no need to put an end to human being’s willful behavior by means of fear, greed, or faith.

small girl in grass field

The task of expansion of consciousness and education on human values is not related to money. All that is needed is intellectuals, i.e. those professors, teachers, and gurus blessed with human consciousness and higher consciousness.

The man who exists at the higher state of consciousness, can understand each of the human relationships in light of their objective and purpose. In order to fulfill the objective and purpose, he tries to establish the human values of humbleness, dignity, love, trust, affection, endearment, respect, etc. It is called “न्याय-परम्परा” or the tradition & culture of justice. On the basis of these achievements and living in a united society and a global system, human beings can exist in the state of unceasing bliss. This is the purpose of imaginativeness and free well that human beings are bestowed with.

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