The need of Humane Language

Posted On: December 27, 2019

Human beings are highly evolved creatures and they exist in the state of higher consciousness or the state of knowledge. It is called state of knowledge because human beings function in existence with their ideas and cognizance; always existing with their understanding.

Unfortunately, in the absence of real existential knowledge about existence, human beings have formed false notions about reality. As a result, humanity continues to live in the perceived reality that is false and not in alignment with the existential reality. Humanity generally is existing in “survival consciousness”.

“In reality, there is abundance and harmonious coexistence.”

As a result of scarcity mentality, human beings have created virtual divisions among themselves like community, religion, race, creed, color, sex, etc. All of these classifications are the result of human being’s phantasmic concepts about humanity interwoven into tradition and culture.

The Role of Language

Over the course of their growing clout on planet earth, Human beings invented numerous languages across different cultures. However, in the absence of a holistic knowledge about humanity, one culture perceived the other as foreign or alien because of the difference in language.

Sadly, instead of being inclusive, humans ended up using these languages to divide the human race into different segments. Those speaking the same language were perceived as a part of one’s own tribe, while those speaking a foreign language were seen as outsiders and strangers.

The Humane Language

The need of Humane Language

The objective of humane language is to list the exhaustive list of possible human activities, thought forms, and every kind of human experience across the entire human race.

The humane language is the combination of Mathematical language, Qualitative language, and language of logical reasoning.

To measure and calculate numerically, mathematical language exists. The constructive, destructive or the central aligning forces can be explained or understood by using the qualitative language. In the same manner, to indicate the underlying metaphysical truth of harmonious coexistence and the objective, the objective language (language of logical reasoning) is to be used. Over and above this nothing in this existence needs to be understood.

Earlier in the past, eastern philosophers and spiritualists used the objective language while rejecting the mathematical and qualitative language. Then the religious people who excessively used the qualitative language and rejected the logical reasoning and mathematical modes of information exchange. The materialists were the next to follow that rejected the objective language and qualitative language and only used the mathematical language. While the truth is that humane language can only exist when all of the three: objective, qualitative, and mathematical forms of language are present.

Humane language bespeaks the absolute expression, the actuality and the heart of humanity.

All the words used in The Philosophy of Madhyasth Darshan or Co-existentialism are taken from the traditional language. However, the definition of the words is not given in the traditional sense. These definitions are rather in the sense of the true existential knowledge of reality, based on the experience of coexistence. The reader can use his imagination to relate to the definitions and understand the obvious truths. These definitions can be explained in all the languages.

Once these definitions of humane language are aligned with other languages, then every language will be based on the essential truth of coexistence — the underlying harmony between all the units of existence. Once this happens, every language in the human world will indicate and convey the truth of coexistence in every expression. This is the solution to the divide created by languages across different cultures and geographies.

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