The importance of Communication in Relationships

Posted On: December 26, 2019

In every interaction between two human beings, both form a perception about each other, based on which they communicate. If the perception is right and positive, it leads to affection. If the perception is distorted it leads to hostile expression.

Besides the above two expressions, there is a third kind of expression called indifference. Indifference is nothing but kind of hostility in itself. So there is no third way in which human interactions can take place. There is either affection or hostility.

Affectionate interactions always establish a positive memory. In affection exists the trust in togetherness. In absence of affection, the trust in feeling of togetherness is also absent.

Communication is always important in all human interactions. In order to live together justifiably, communication is necessary in every interaction. Whenever you communicate with the other person, make sure you do it with the intention to resolve. Always center your communication around resolving things.

Resolution should be the basis of all your communication with other human beings. How to live with resolution how to live justifiably with others, always focus your discussions around this.

To exercise the practical form of humanism, these six issues need to be verified, only then the communication becomes complete and universal:

How to live in the state of resolving things? 
How to live truthfully? 
how to live righteously? 
How to live in control?
how to live in balance?
How to live based on natural rules?

In all education institutions, students should be trained to practice the art of absolute and complete communication based on the above six principles. This will ensure a mentality in students that works on resolving things. The foundation of a great society that will create utopia will be laid.

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