Popular Beliefs in Light of Existential Reality 1 – 3

Posted On: August 5, 2020

We all abide by a conglomeration of statements (beliefs) that shape our lives. Beliefs continuously shape and reshape the person we are, and the person we will become. Due to changing beliefs, we aren’t the same as we were yesterday, nor will be tomorrow.

But, till now most of the beliefs that the human race has formed are not in alignment with existential reality and that makes us stand divided with animosity between us instead of uniting us as a single species with common goals.

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Beliefs prevailing in the society are either instilled in us or imbibed by us. However, for both, there is no filter in place. For us, our beliefs are always right unless proven otherwise. There are numerous beliefs popular in a society that are not in alignment with existential reality. Since humanity at large is following invalid and unverified beliefs, there is confusion and disorder in the human world

Luckily, we have the free will and the capacity to qualitatively change our beliefs. Forming a belief system begins in childhood, we become the kind of person in the social climate in which we grow up. Tarzan for instance.  Modifying or changing beliefs is possible and that is the reason for so many belief systems existing among the 7.7 billion people.

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The irony is that we are still to have any belief system that is in alignment with the existential law and can be universally practiced. In an ideal belief system, we do not harm any other human being as no one likes to be harmed. Similarly, we replenish the earth with enough resources than what we deplete it with.

I try to add context to popular ideas in order to make them practicable with the aim to push the right ideas in the collective consciousness. The following are some popular beliefs that I have explained in light of the novel belief system extending beyond science and spirituality, existential realism – Coexistentialism:

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1. On Trying Hard

The success or wellbeing of an individual is determined by how hard he is trying. We have to give one hundred percent of ourselves to accomplish anything in this materialistic world.

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Current Belief:

“Try hard and never give up”

Tony Fahkry in his Medium article, 3 Compelling Reasons why you Should Never Give up, shares the benefits of trying hard. He talks about having a relentless desire to succeed, steady improvement, and more. The gist of the article is that you should never give unless you become ultra-rich.

Existential Reality Check

The natural state of mind is happiness in human beings, we can better say it is the natural state of being, without any additions. Happiness is something we are born with and everything else has been acquired from culture and tradition. Any false belief that is in conflict with the actual reality of existence is sure to overshadow the natural state of happiness. Whereas valid beliefs and knowledge that are in harmony with reality never disturb the continuous flow of happiness

Modified belief: Life is effortless. React as things happen and go with the flow. Being is bliss.

2. On Parenting

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Every Parent wants their offspring to live happily. The parents do everything for the better future of the child. The irony is that the child sees his parents not living in bliss and happiness and always struggling. They try to teach him to be happy but set a bad example.

Current Belief:

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” –Oscar Wilde

Existential Reality Check

The parents till today have not been able to create a culture or tradition of happiness in society because their parents could not teach them. Now the parents who understand the coexistence philosophy can live in happiness and set examples rather than having the aspiration of a happy future for their children. They have to live happily and in harmony and leave it up to the child to learn and adopt it.

Modified Belief:- Parenting isn’t about raising a child, it’s about raising a human being with humane value.

Popular Beliefs in Light of Existential Reality 2 – 3