1 Million Covid19 Cases…What Next?

Posted On: April 3, 2020

We are a few days away when we will have the first million Covid19 cases. This global pandemic has unveiled some unknown and hidden aspects of the true nature of human beings.

The majority of humanity is worried about the Covid19 pandemic. They are doing their best to enforce social distancing and avoid its spread. Then there is another section of humanity that’s more worried about their wealth than human lives. The opulent survival of this section depends on the incorrect economic policies prevalent in the economy.

In reality, wealth is universal and no creature other than human beings is poor.

temporarily closed earth

Much to everyone’s surprise, president Trump suggested last week that the lockdown on businesses as a maneuver to hold back covid19 needs to end soon. This comes when the United States has the highest number of confirmed covid19 cases.

Economies must accelerate even at the cost of human life and health

The death of thousands of human beings is a hefty price to pay for rescuing the American economy from collapse. Alas, our dependence on the industrial economy is such that workers who die in their service to the mining, chemical, and other hazardous businesses are treated merely as ‘normal loss’ in the manufacturing process of a high capital growth. Together with the damage to the ecosystem, deaths and illnesses of workers are treated as collateral damage for keeping the economy up and running.

Ironically, in the so-called ‘developed world’ of human civilization, the obsession of business moguls with economic growth has turned the working class into service robots. Their life and life goals are defined by the services they provide to topmost patrons of money-centric world order. The human lives, human casualties, are just a metric in a business’ ROI.

The extended shutdown of the economy due to Covid19 is worrying for the titans of the industry whose luxuries are completely dependent on perpetual economic growth.

Billionaire tycoons are anxious. They want to restart the business operations and reopen the economy. They are ready to put public health at risk. They have their bunkers and hideouts equipped with the best of facilities. If things get really ugly, they can escape to a safe place. Besides, they have teams of private doctors working around the clock.

A look at the rich’s way to fight Covid19:

  • Immunity system boost — a London based clinic is offering an infusion of vitamins (C, B12, glutathione, and zinc) and essential amino acids (arginine, taurine, lysine, and citrulline).” The cost is £350.
  • Private traveling — The rich are avoiding regular flights and opting for alternatives like private jets and elite airport services, where they can avoid other people. American charter jet company Southern Jet even sent out a marketing email to their customers saying, “Avoid coronavirus by flying private …!”
  • Hideouts — Companies which build underground shelters, have also seen an increase in business. Many wealthy people are spending time away from dry land in luxury Yachts.
  • Safety — There has been a huge demand for N95 masks that provide a high level of protection. Since the wealthy like to be protected in style, the fashion industry is delivering masks such as the Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 (US$69) and more.

Guess who can afford all this?

The risk is entirely borne by those who can’t afford safe hideouts, team of doctors, and other luxuries. It’s the working class, the general public.

Let’s wish the virus goes away… the power of your whatever mind!

As they typically say… “are you undermining human ability? Human beings with their will can change the world… you know what, this negativity, this pessimism stops us from achieving the great feats. Nothing is impossible, with hope everything can be overcome, this virus is no exception.”

If only positive thinking was enough to kill the virus single handedly or hope would stop the spread!

The truth is, positive thinking can arouse the resolve to do something, however, that something can be utterly foolish.

But if we listen to the elites, ‘optimism’ is in the air. This time it is to “save the economy”. We all need to risk our lives and health, get back to work, and revive the economy to keep billionaires safe in their bunkers, to make sure their luxuries are met. What, after all, is the relative cost of human lives…?

man in mask sitting with a pile of toilet rolls

Economic intrusion into social values, culture, and education have overshadowed our real human nature. The pandemic is showing our vulnerable dependence on industrial agriculture. It’s time we realize that local foods and sustainability are the most viable collective options for the future. In reality, our necessities are very simple and easily provided by nature. Other materialistic things can become insignificant in no time.

It is due to such pandemic, we are realizing that the natural laws of coexistence and abundance are compromised. The pollution, the economic inequality, climate change, and such things are subtle warnings which being unheeded, are leading to pandemics.

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