Matter, Energy, and the Purpose of Human Beings

Posted On: March 30, 2020

Human Consciousness is a term. The meaning of this term is- sentient awareness and this is not a physicochemical substance. It is a qualitatively different characteristic in the new type of physicochemical substance that has evolved from the normal material atom to a new kind of conscious atom.

Matter is always fully immersed in energy. The universal energy is omnipresent and all-pervading. By being immersed in this all-pervading energy, the natural world of matter is energized. At the same time, it is with the presence of this same omnipresent, all-pervading energy that the consciousness is illuminated.

The power of magnetism and motion (in the sense of being functional) within the matter exists because it is blessed with energy. The power of functionality (in the sense of knowing, believing, and carrying out activity) in consciousness exists because it is blessed with wisdom.

Knowing, believing, understanding and carrying out an action- these capacities exist in all human beings. Enlightened master Nagraj has preached this mantra: “Understand what you believe in, and believe in what you are able to understand”.


There are four states of consciousness- Animal consciousness, human consciousness, godly consciousness, and divine consciousness. Human beings, behaving in an inhuman way only understanding the physical body as a human being has been termed as animal consciousness or undeveloped consciousness.

When Human beings realise and understand consciousness (soul) and human body existing as one unit, then their behaviour becomes humane. It is when they function through human consciousness. Further, as they keep improving their understanding and behave justly as per the human consciousness, the benevolent consciousness, and divine consciousness is developed.

When a human being lives in human consciousness, he becomes benevolent. Benevolence in this sense means- trust in the self, trust in all of humanity, and trust in human nature. Existing in the human consciousness, a human being lives in accordance with the law of existence, in control, and in balance with nature. At the same time, he lives with justness, virtues, and truthfulness with all of the human species. However, this is not the case when the human being exists in animal consciousness. In animal consciousness, human qualities are overshadowed by competition, enmity, false beliefs, etc. These qualities are not in alignment with existential reality, but just a construct of the uneducated brain.

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Human beings need to decide whether they want to live in human consciousness or animal consciousness. To begin with, every human individual should practice living in human consciousness by himself first. Next he should aim to transform the education system through introducing the knowledge that is in line with human consciousness and not survival consciousness. The survival consciousness has framed education in a way that human beings have become absorbed in building careers and earning money. They are chasing these unhealthy goals without even learning the actual human behavior, like a robot.

Having attained the human consciousness, the human beings should try establishing an undivided human society. And finally human beings need to work to establish the natural order of coexistence across human society.

A human being cannot establish the harmonious global order without becoming resolved in himself and then continuing to live in the resolved state of mind. A human individual has to live it in himself first. If one goes about life in an unaware manner, the harmonious global order of coexistence will never be established.

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