Relational Poverty: A direct result of the genie of privacy promoted by Capitalists

Posted On: September 4, 2019

“A deep sense of love and belonging is an irresistible need of all people.” — Brene Brown, Professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work

A Lack of Deeper Connection among Human Species is at All time High

The modern societies with their impaired values and broken social structures are increasingly making it difficult for human beings to connect with each other. The rampant individualistic and hyper-materialistic culture across the world is adding up to relational poverty. Human beings thereby are smothering their innate, natural propensity of empathizing, and bonding with each other.

Relational poverty is worse than economic or any other forms of poverty

Relational poverty is a modern form of penury resulting from the decline of social capital in society. The phenomenon of Relational poverty is nothing but a side-effect of the ‘Genie of Privacy’ practiced and promoted by materialists. It is affecting the human population at large, regardless of race, gender, age, or socioeconomic status.

People nowadays have friends and followers over the internet in thousands and even millions. However, they have only a handful of real friends to establish a real emotional bond with. Human relationships have turned void and fragile. They have ceased to be a source of fulfilment.

In reality, human beings are social beings, programmed to share feelings and build fulfilling relations with other human beings and nature. This is what makes them the most evolved species on the planet. As the most evolved species, human beings are supposed to love and be affectionate with each other.

The bigger picture of the human life and what it means to us

Relationships are the kernel of human existence. Each human relationship has its own sanctity and fulfillment. Different relationships can be understood and lived in a fulfilling way. A human being must understand himself and his position and identify others to be just like him.

A human being is a physical body energized by life-atom (soul). The life atom drives the physical body to experience the ‘existential’ reality. His purpose of life is simply having satisfying interactions with others to gain existential knowledge of harmonious coexistence.

Thoughts of each individual are based on acquired learning that culture and tradition have imparted. Identifying the usefulness of interactions and creating synergy with every other human being is the solution that helps in experiencing bliss.

When having an understanding of the existential reality, a human being finds interactions with others fulfilling. He does not then has a fear of the fake and artificial exchange of hollow thoughts. He accepts, acknowledges, and respects the contribution of other individuals in a relationship. This brings fulfillment making life merry.

This is very easy to adapt and practice. One needs to know first and then believe, understand then act. Life is simple; culture tradition and social norms have been complicating stuff. A human being can simplify it for himself and feel the difference. That will motivate him to be more pragmatic and receptive, which will, in turn, enthrall other people.

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