When You Forget What’s Important in Life

Posted On: November 23, 2020

I’m sure many of you would have heard this parable about the Hen who Laid Golden Eggs:

“Once upon a time a poor farmer lived in a village with his large family. He passed his days with great difficulty, under impoverishment.

One day someone gave him a hen. It laid a golden egg daily. He sold the golden egg in and made his living. Soon he became rich.

But, greed overpowered him. The man decided to kill the hen to get all the golden eggs at once. He cut the hen’s stomach with a knife. Upon killing the hen, he found not even a single egg. He was sad and disappointed.  He his only source of income, the hen.”

The moral of the story – Greed ≠ Gain.

More and more
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Behavior can be defined as inhuman behavior (which is based on greed, affection, and benefit of the self) and human behavior (which is based on truth, justice, and human value system). Till the 21st century, there was no simple education system that holistically and scientifically explained this concept in a way that everyone could practice and understand.

Other than human beings no creature knows of greed as a concept.

Human beings due to scarcity mentality started to accumulate things to achieve false security. Abundance has existed in nature since time immemorial, as one of its inherent characteristics.

Wasting means depriving other people of a substance. All resources present on this planet are there with a purpose and is useful to the higher faculty. Materials are useful to the plant kingdom. Plants are useful for the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is useful for Human beings. The proper use is extracting the needed quantity and assisting in the recycling growth of the element.

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The plants take nutrients from the soil and decay and return to make the soil fertile and productive.

You can extend this principle to every other element on the planet other than human beings.

Blinded by the religion of Growth, human beings deprive other human beings of necessities like food, shelter, and protection. This is the real tragedy and story about wastage. Everything on the planet is rich only a vast majority of human beings are poor.

rich and poor man
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Human greed has overvalued the importance of money. Otherwise,  it’s just a means of exchange. This tool (Money) has been invented, improved, and improvised by Humanity on the basis of economics. The foundation of the whole economic science is skewed and has scarcity, infinite needs, and limited resources that is the most STUPID THING humanity as a race agreed to.

Human beings do not share and consume all the food that is produced and it perishes lying idle in storage. Having cold storages and accumulating just raises the climate and ecological problems on this planet. For example selling, branding, marketing an apple takes fuel and resources for their storage, transportation, prolonging its shelf life, etc. which is not needed.

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The Earth will keep producing apples always and in abundance. We are hoarding these resources owing to our fear born out of scarcity mentality. This is an example of when one forgets what’s important in life. 

Abundance is there in existence. One seed can produce 1000 apples. Nature is never short of supply. There is enough on the planet for 7.7 billion inhabitants of the planet. The earth is rich in flora and fauna. All that we need for survival is easily available.

Only if human beings behave in an orderly way Human beings start behaving in a humane way and the earth will be heaven. No book, no machine, no ritual is bigger than a living human being with humane behavior.

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In reality, there is abundance and the whole evolution theory is harmonious evolution for better manifestation and resolved states.

Thanks to the teaching of Shri A. Nagaraj now it can be practiced, learned, and followed in everyday life and move from one to another.

Understanding reality is now possible because I have understood and can explain to people.

My buck stops there and I have no pressure or pain if someone differs. That is another reality I am aware of.

No human being (who is a soul/life atom + physical body) can be forced to agree to anything. He can understand, others and the environment can only help him. It is the RIGHT, PRIVILEGE, FREE WILL, DUTY, PURPOSE of every human being to be resolved and understand reality.

That gives me peace and resolution and also the duty to keep talking about these things with any and everyone.

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