Human Relationships are the Fabric of Human Existence

Posted On: October 23, 2019

All entities present on the planet behave in a fixed pattern and are in order. Each entity discharges the expectations other entities have from it. All matter, all plants, and all animals behave in a definitive way and are easily identified. Every element on the planet other than human beings is in harmony with the other and does not compete.

Human beings are different in the sense that they have a virtual presence that is beyond their physical body (matter). That virtual part or consciousness is driven by wants, desires, and thoughts which need to be fulfilled alongside the needs of the body like food, shelter, sleep, and sex. Material needs are for the body and they are quantified, finite, and have no use in excess. Needs of the soul are of quality: trust, love, respect, being useful, fair, etc. They are required in abundance every time and by everyone.

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Human relationships are not bodily needs. Human relationships help satiate the needs of the virtual entity– the soul. Its property is consciousness, which you can understand but can not see, smell or touch.

Human beings remain empty without the relationships. Failed human relationships are the root cause of all problems on this planet.

Here are three essentials for healthy relationships:

1. Know your Role

They will ask you, “What have you produced?” Say to them, “Except for love, what else can a Lover produce?” ~Rumi

Each relationship you have with other human beings has its own sanctity and fulfillment. From being a child, then siblings, then student, then friends, and finally procreating, the cycle culminates in being a parent. You need to know your role and position in each relationship so you can play your part in the greater human system. This is the most effective way to contribute to global harmony. It is the most productive thing you can do as a human being. Once this is understood, each of the relationships you have can be lived in a joyous way.

The first thing that needs to be done is understanding your position and situation in relation to every other person in your life. Second, identify and fix the direction in which you are moving in relation to every other person. As long as you share and evaluate both of these steps correctly, your relationships will be the source of never ending bliss. However, if there are large gaps between reality and what you portray or communicate, you are sowing the seeds of sorrow. Reality is bound to always manifest and the larger the gaps, the harder the fall and the greater the sorrow.

Simply put, for your perennial happiness, be real with people. Similarly, create an open atmosphere for people to be able to be real with you.

2. Embrace Acceptance

Every human being is capable of understanding and forming opinions and thoughts. These thoughts are based on the acquired learning which human beings get from the culture and society. Every human being has innate qualities of righteousness and truthfulness. Any other trait that is unwanted is the result of incorrect beliefs learned through social conditioning. Once this existential reality is understood, human interactions will transform and utopia will be there. It is very easy to adapt and practice and it will catch on very quickly. One just needs to ‘know and then believe’, ‘understand and then act’.

3. Relationships need Fulfillment

The body is energized by soul to experience Reality. That is what human beings are, that is what you are- the combination of matter and consciousness. You need to understand and know yourself first and identify others to be just like you in being. This will help you perceive the usefulness and synergy with every other Human being.

The goal in every interaction between you and other human being is experiencing Bliss by knowing your role and performing it properly. When you understand the expectations and discharge your responsibility, you have played your part in creating a proper interaction in the human system. This is the art of living life practically as well as sympathetically. This gives fulfillment in relationships which in turn gives lasting happiness- the goal of mankind.

After understanding this existential reality, you will find every interaction fulfilling. You won’t have fear of the fake and artificial hollow exchange of thoughts. You accept, acknowledge and respect each other’s contribution in that particular moment and life is merry. So direct your intellect to the focus areas and you will be able to fathom joy in every interaction.

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