The Quest to Find Purpose in Life

Posted On: April 24, 2020

The need for a purpose—raison d’etre, a path, a mission, is naturally felt by all human beings. As an individual, you strive to find that one pursuit that can give meaning to your existence and can make you feel worthy.

You crave fulfillment and security in this rather ‘mysterious’ existence, as you have been taught since your childhood. You can’t live with the feeling of uncertainty. You want a clear roadmap of your destination so you can point out and say this is what I am here for. Uncertainty baffles you from inside out, fills you with anxiety. But it’s not just you, all human beings have the same tendency. Everyone wants purposefulness in their endeavors. 

What is my purpose here on earth? Do I have one? What am I worth? What is the right path for me? These are the fundamental questions, or life’s ‘big questions’.

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As a human being, you’re blessed with the power of imagination and understanding. The former gives rise to questions and the latter helps in answering those questions. There is no limit to how much you can imagine and understand. That said, the right and complete knowledge of everything that is there in existence is available. Once you get satisfactory answers, your fear of uncertainty will be gone. You will then trust the existence and no longer find it strange or mysterious. You can see yourself as a unit in existence, and an extension of existence.

You must find your purpose in life, in light of existential reality. Your understanding of self and existence cannot be based on assumptions or prevalent beliefs in the society. The half baked information will never truly satisfy you and you will always return to your state of seeking valid answers.

Beneath this pile of invalid ideas and incomplete information lies your true nature. Deep down you know your purpose, your capacity, and how you are supposed to live. It’s hard to access these true callings amid the cacophony and confusion created by today’s society. 

Society teaches you prevalent beliefs and practices that have no ground in reality and offer no insight about the reality of life. Those teachings are not enough to give you motivation and encouragement to find real purpose in life. Thus, you are never truly fulfilled in whatever you do.

Your struggle with all the spiritual, philosophical dogmas turns out to be a hopeless pursuit of discovering some metaphysical, otherworldly ‘true essence’ of yours. You’re forcing yourself to become something or someone you are not. You’re trying to locate something that does not even exist. This is why spiritual pursuits leave so many individuals frustrated and fragmented. Squeezing square peg in a round hole never helps, it only torments you.

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To understand the purpose of life you need to know who you truly are. This is a question that has perplexed Human beings for over 10000 years and the quest continues till the 20th century. A recent hypothesis called the Philosophy of Coexistence answers the same.

As a combination of body and soul, as a most evolved species having the ability to understand and experience, as an element of universal coexistence, what is your purpose? What is your role in existence?

Understanding reality as it is and playing your part in it is your purpose as a human being.  

  1. As an individual, your purpose is to gain knowledge and understanding. All the “whys” and “hows” thrown by imagination need to be answered logically and with universal implications.
  2. As a group or family, you need abundance and skills, resources, and opportunities to produce more than your needs.
  3. As a society, you need fearlessness and security for everyone through just and fair behavior from each other as well as other societies that coexist on the planet.
  4. As a species, you need to coexist with the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and nature as a whole.

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