Can we Survive Without Money?

Posted On: January 14, 2020

Suppose you have as much money as uncle scrooge had in his money bin. Can you prepare a cup of coffee using all that money? No. You cannot even feed a single ant with those pieces of paper.

uncle scrooge's money bin

In the absence of an object, these banknotes are useless. Banknotes are just pieces of paper with legal prints that validate them in the system. Simply printing a paper does not make it a useful object, does it?

In reality, every usable material is created by man. That material has its value for humankind. In today’s world, every producer of a valuable material gets few banknotes in exchange and he feels thankful… isn’t it a huge counterfeit scam that bamboozles the masses?

Money in itself is not something you can derive satisfaction from. Whether you spend it or accumulate it. You can never achieve satisfaction in the accumulation of money. No matter how much money you store, you’re not going to be content and when all your money has been spent, you start feeling lost.

The actual fulfillment is derived from the usable material. The actual prosperity comes with that usable object. Money never brings prosperity.

Should you participate in producing money or participate in producing materials?

In the present, all the intellectual minds are absorbed in producing money. All the system of employment and business functions tirelessly to produce the money. Whoever is producing the materials also is producing them with the sole aim to earn money. Therefore the sutra:

“The emblems are not attainment, the titles are not achievement.”

Circumstances have completely blinded humankind. Due to the system of money, those who produce goods and materials are not held in high regard as much as those who consume.

The producer, the trader, and the consumer— in all the transactions between these three, exists the scam of profit & loss. So who is profiting and who is losing? Taking a closer look, we can see only and only the trader is gaining.

How we define work in our system— Riding on the horse called trade means working. In this way, playing tit for tat games, we have come too far from the state of justifiable living.

This is just an aspect of a probe into what’s going on in the human world. If we take a closer look we will understand.

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