What to do with what you Know?

Posted On: March 12, 2019

Understanding and knowledge are two attributes that only humans have and can appreciate.

We are curious by nature and we always strive to improve and expand our knowledge base. To that end, we avail ourselves of all accessible knowledge resources to satiate our inquisitiveness. The abundance of thoughts, philosophies, concepts, theories, and assumptions making rounds are the result of the human inquisitiveness only.

    “Unless man’s inquisitiveness is satisfied, he will not be contented and thus, cannot be happy”.

“Knowledge is power”, holds true. The more we feed our innate curiosity with validated knowledge, the more empowered we feel. But, do we human beings know what to do with this power? Alas, we don’t. We are not using our capabilities to our advantage.

Not knowing what to do with acquired knowledge and how to use it for the greater good is the waste of learnings that an individual has acquired. Putting knowledge to our advantage requires us to abide by the following tips:

  • We must stop misusing our knowledge to further exploit mankind and subdue other human beings.
  • We need to be confident yet humble with our knowledge, for it is not ours. We learned everything we know from somewhere or someone.
  • It is important for us to increase our knowledge by sharing it with others. To that end, we must be open to share what we know and not insist others to necessarily pick that up.
  • There is a lot left for all of us to know. What we know is always somewhere between ignorance and enlightenment. We must be open to upgrade and enhance what we know.

Living means Knowing and knowing should result in Living. As long as we are creating good memories with people around us and helping them by sharing our knowledge, we are good and productive. The reality is that this opportunity is available to one and all every day for the rest of their life. How you make use of this opportunity today, tomorrow, and forever is up to you.

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