When can something be called the Truth?

Posted On: January 30, 2019

To experience bliss(which is the ultimate purpose of human creature), people need to understand questions, make new assumptions and validate them, and go on till the absolute truth gets entrenched. The truth is all around you and in existence you will find the absolute truth.

Whatever is in existence is a fact and so is truth. Truth is universal and has to satisfy the following-

  • Truth should be logical and something which one human being can understand and explain to another and help him understand. This unanimity should be achievable for the same.
  • Truth should be practical and something that can be practiced easily in contemporary times by anyone and everyone.
  • Truth should be in alignment with existential reality and it should validate the hypothesis or understanding.
  • In truth whole human kind is aligned and one, and if two people disagree then there is scope for better articulation and scope for arriving at a better explanation.

Till the 21st century, Mankind has not been able to decipher the existence because they did not look with the knowledge eyes and kept looking with the naked eyes whose vision is limited to the 2 dimensions.

The thought power, the imagination, the feelings are all real. They are not visible to the naked eye but are REAL IN EXISTENCE and can be felt. Once that is understood in a scientific way the absolute truth and purpose of human existence will become known and universally accepted.