You = Physical Body + Transcendental Soul

Posted On: February 12, 2020

“Know thyself” – Socrates

Who are you? Do you know yourself? Knowing yourself doesn’t include your name, gender, nationality, family lineage, or personality traits. It is much deeper. It is about knowing your existential reality to find your relevance and purpose in the bigger picture.

You cannot underestimate the importance of holistically knowing yourself. You must establish who you are to be able to go about life, have successful relationships, perform your responsibilities, set realistic life goals, understand others, make conscious choices, and live a productive, meaningful life.  

The process of knowing yourself is very clear and well defined:

You = Physical Body + Transcendental Soul 

body consciousness soul

Every human being on the planet is intrinsically the same — a combination of physical body and conscious Soul or the atom of life. The soul is permanent and formless. Incapable of interacting with the physical world. The soul can (and thus) adopt a physical body to become a human being and experience reality.

As a conscious soul, you have the capacity of imagination and understanding. As a physical body with very advanced biological and neural systems, you are able to communicate and experience being and existence.

The soul has specific values like justice, truth, happiness, and so on. The physical body has a separate set of needs — mostly concerning nourishment. As a human being creating good memories during interactions with others is your purpose.

These experiences and memories in the form of understanding and knowledge can be collectively stored in society as tradition and culture. Every newborn human being connects to the culture and learns from it. 

Now that this knowledge is available and can be spread the process of having an undivided Human species is underway. Every single human being can validate and assimilate the same at his own pace.

Creating an utopia where every human being can live in bliss now has a path to be followed.

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