Value Your Time as Much as You Value Your Money

Posted On: February 5, 2021

It’s important to budget time carefully — as carefully as you would money.

Time and money are both perceived realities, however, the perception of money is different from that of time. Most people look at their financial status with great attention and assess how much money they have to spend, invest, and donate. But Time is something people take for granted. They don’t look at their time the same way as they look at money, and end up wasting this incredibly precious resource.

You can always make more money. Even if you lose all of your money, it’s always possible to make more. The same cannot be said about time. Each of us is given 24 hours in a day to spend. How we use that time is important. It is what separates the truly successful from the rest.

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Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life. -Michael Leboeuf

It’s important to budget time carefully — as carefully as you would money. In fact, time is much more important than money because you can use your time to make money, but you can’t use the money to purchase more time.

There are 24 hours in a day. Most of you know the number of hours is spent actually contributing to your income. But, do you have any idea how many of those hours are contributing to your personal growth?

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Many individuals believe they have to hustle around the clock in order to make it and become successful. That’s far from the truth. Those who accomplished something in their lives have spent considerable amounts of time mastering the needed skills, putting in hours and hours of hard work. Successful entrepreneurs make it to the top not through hustling – but through auditing their time and utilizing it.

The problem is how can you change the way you spend your time if you don’t know how you spend it? To do that, keep a detailed log of how you spend every hour of every day for 4 weeks.

When you’ll have your final log, you can visualize exactly how much time you spend on every task daily. Within 4 weeks, you should know how many hours you slept, how many hours you wasted on social media. Focus on the time you spend to accomplish something and the benefit received for that task. Learn to make more smart decisions about how you spend your time. It will allow you to accomplish more.

Some people look at others’ accomplishments and say, “I had the same idea,” or “I could have done that.” But, ideas and intentions are cheap. If you don’t invest the needed time effectively, all you have are empty ambitions.

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In their pursuit of success, people are constantly faced with decisions that force them to pit time against money. But the likelihood of choosing more time over more money — despite the widespread tendency to do the opposite — is a sign you’ll enjoy the productivity you seek. Recent findings suggest your mentality towards TIME and MONEY has a lot to do with your happiness and level of productivity in life.

Not knowing the worth of your time makes you value money more than time.  Considering basic needs are met, more money will only give you more money. On the other hand, more time will lead to all kinds of amazing experiences and shifts. Experiences that will mean more to you than money ever could. It is absolutely on you how you value your time.

A focus on time builds more-rewarding careers. People who value their time are more likely to pursue what they love. And when people love what they do, they are not affected by the stress of work and are more likely to be more productive, creative, and effective.

Money helps you to fulfill your necessities, but it’s time itself that gives you the greatest benefit. When you use time wisely, there are enough hours in the day to spend with loved ones, doing the things you enjoy, and making an impact in the world.

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You won’t be wealthy till you are spending time to generate money. Wealth is best expressed when you spend money to create more time for yourself. People actually don’t want to be more productive. What they really want is more time. And yet because people don’t properly value time, they never end up with more. Even when they find ways to work more efficiently, they don’t actually use it wisely.

Time, not money, is your greatest resource. So, make choices that give you more time. The next time you’re making a tough choice between having more time or more money, think of your loved ones, happiness, and blissful life, if you can, not just your bank accounts.

Popular belief: The value of time is calculated in terms of money.

Supported by: This post by “busy wife busy life” supports the idea that the purpose of time is limited to multiplying one’s wealth.

Existential Reality Check: Sharing time and creating beautiful memories is the purpose of existence. Children born in such a culture will be able to relive those good feelings and memories and as a result, good culture and tradition will get created. So wisely spend time in creating good memories with other human beings.

Living is productive and creating amazing experiences with other human beings is itself the actual utilization of time. Whatever you do as long as you are creating good memories with people around you and helping people by writing and sharing your knowledge, nothing that you do can be termed as wasting time.

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