How Coexistence can Complete Science and Spirituality

Posted On: February 7, 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing consensus that humanity requires new methods of knowing and understanding human beings and existence.

Incomplete and reductionist ideas laid down by science are proving inadequate to understand the existential reality. At the same time, the mysteries of Spirituality are not palatable to the inquisitive and understanding human logical thinking capabilities.

To connect the conceptual changes in science with the existential reality of human nature & values in society, we need to go beyond material science and look for a broader conceptualization.

We need a holistic epistemology that embraces both the logical framework of scientific empiricism and the psychological knowledge of spiritual experience.

That said, spirituality, after a point, becomes obscure and people start questioning the relevance of spiritual knowledge. That is what the secretive spiritual sciences do not explain.

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“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.”- Pythagoras

Science and spirituality have been at loggerheads while they both need to work in tandem. Inquisitiveness, Imagination, righteousness, justice are all interwoven into a human being.
We can’t leave any part and know a human being. The problem is science addresses one aspect of human beings and spirituality addresses another.

Spirituality needs to be scientific, logical, and practical. Whereas science needs to expand its vision, and look holistically on existence and understand the existence of incorporeal.

Spirituality is a science of spirit/consciousness, just like other sciences. The spirit is believed to give life to the physical body.

Till this 21st century, human tradition has recognized the existence of the soul but failed to understand it properly. There are mentions of the spirit in all religions and many historical accounts doing the rounds, but there is no universal understanding or agreement for the same.

Like we all agree that water boils at 100degree centigrade, there is no such acceptance for the existence or structure of spirit.

Similarly, science till now has been trying to isolate and dissect and understand things. This has helped us understand the specific nature of matter, identify properties and make stuff. However, in doing science has ignored the other aspect of existence that is coexistence.

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The basic premise of science “That other things remain constant” is itself not possible in the real world. That is the simple reason for every new scientific discovery being refuted, reversing the earlier understanding that we had of many laws.

The whole Newtonian science based on gravitational force is now being proved wrong. The morphogenic field is about materials attracting each other and wanting to be together.

Also, the topic of Consciousness, that has already gained wider acceptance from intellectuals, philosophers, and spiritualists, still baffles the scientists. It is evident that science needs to expand its vision to the knowledge of eyes and not limit it to the physical eyes.

Neither is science wrong nor is spirituality a myth, they both are just incomplete. From an epistemological point of view, the problem is the lack of a holistic approach to knowledge in both science and spirituality. Science as well as spirituality will need to shatter the myths they have created and converge on the existential truth.

From science to spirituality to atheism, I have combined them all. I present a simple way for every single human being to understand and live in harmony wherever he is residing.

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Many people globally are trying many experiments with off-grid living to save the planet.

The earth is now in danger and so is all of humanity.

We need to find a way for human beings to coexist as one race and not cause moral injury to each other.

I can answer every mystery that spirituality or any religion brings up as well as any question people can have about life, about God, and about existence.

This realisation will create a desire in everyone to become a simple real human being from a special or unique person the aspiration of which is coming from education and tradition…

I am not unique. I am not special and I need to live each day in happiness with my family, my neighbors, flora and fauna, and mother earth.

Major human issues are–health, education, human rights, social justice, political power, protection of the environment, the economy, and so on. All issues have to do with living systems; with individual human beings, social systems, and ecosystems.

In light of this, all sciences till now need to be redone with correct understanding about human beings. All these sciences need to merge to help us see the existential reality:

  • Material sciences — — How Mankind should use them judiciously.
  • Social sciences — — Human beings are not social animals but sentient beings who understand and can live their true nature of coexistence.
  • Spiritual sciences — — Understanding birth, death and the purpose of life in between.

All other things are in order and human beings want to change from not being in order to being in order. This knowledge that is embedded as natural behavior in each human being has been brought to the open by the Pandemic.

The journey is towards understanding existential reality as it is. Call it spirituality, scientific investigation or existentialism or even atheism, there is an actual reality. Since we have the faculty of understanding, we want to know ourselves and other things in existence.

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Instead of just trying to give some hypothesis and prove it with experiment, I am giving a theory of existence as it is. This valid existential theory is:

  • Logical and one human being can understand and explain to another to help him understand.
  • Practical, can be practiced easily in contemporary times.
  • In alignment with existential reality and not contradictory to reality.

The power of imagination that we human beings have is powerful enough to create variations of the existence in our chitta or imagination. Aligning them with the actual reality is what our intellect has to do.

The manifestation of this understanding will be in our behaviour and interaction with ourselves, with other human beings, nature and the other elements in existence.

The more resolved and healthy interaction we have with ourselves and the others the greater progress we make.

Modern Science and spirituality came close to finding the truth but couldn’t make it. Both disciplines fell short of studying and explaining Human beings because they lack a holistic perspective of reality.

I am offering the study of coexistence helps you reach the state of holistic perception.

No fancy rituals or mysterious angels or any penances. Simple straight forward logic of evolution and how the universe is.

If this science of spirituality of coexistence is lived and practiced then the future generation will create a universal tradition of the same being educated to every newborn.

Then spirituality will have one universal definition and meaning and the power of science will not remain limited to purposeless discoveries. 🙂

Spirituality will find its goal and science will also. The objective of all this is to simply helping humanity be in order and in harmony.

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