Benefits of Building Trust in the Workplace – V

Posted On: March 2, 2020

Productivity- In an environment of mistrust, people don’t feel they are wanted or valued. It results in employees losing motivation and productivity falls. Whereas in an environment of trust, team members have a harmonious connection with each other and the whole organization. This enables teams to contribute with full potential and thus productivity is improved.

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Employee Engagement Professionals have all the needed qualities — skills, talent, commitment, expertise, respect for one another. Yet, they fail to collaborate and work with full potential in an environment where trust is absent. Trust and togetherness facilitate smooth exchange information and help in leveraging each other’s skills. This ensures high engagement levels in employees and establishes a collaborative workforce.

Motivation- The intensity of the desire to achieve the outcome is the sole motivating factor for an individual. The higher the intensity, the greater the chances of action being done. In an environment of trust and engagement, every team member desires an outcome and works with full determination. As thoughts transform into things, goals are attained without any pep talks, lengthy motivational speeches, alluring compensations or anything else.

Open communication- Trust in the organization enables employees to fearlessly express their feelings and opinions to the leader. Whereas in absence of a foundation of trust, employees superficially abide by the leader’s commands and are not likely to take it seriously or respect it. Workplaces lacking trust develop a culture of anarchy where “every employee is on his own”. Employees in such organizations find it difficult to adopt the values, culture, and mission of the organization in a sincere, lasting way.

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