Dos and Don’ts for Leaders who want to Build Trust- IV

Posted On: February 28, 2020

Without trust, there is no leadership. Trust and respect of people is what separates a boss from a leader. Trust established by a sagacious leader manifests in the form of a motivated and productive workforce.

For a long-term, fruitful, and delightful association, it is important that employees believe in each other and in their leaders. That said, trust-building takes time and conscious effort. It is achieved through conscientious actions and not words.

Dos and doníts for leaders wanting to establish an environment of trust:


  • Make sure employees and the company are on the same side of the table. Always.
  • Establish a personal connection.
  • Create positive relationships with and among the team.
  • Trust others first if expecting them to be trustworthy.
  • Resolve conflicts in healthy ways, avoid the blame game.
  • Demonstrate expertise in judgment.
  • Accept, acknowledge, and respect everyoneís contribution. 
  • Value the experience of each employee.
  • Keep an alignment between thoughts, speech, and action.
  • Practice transparency and honesty.


  • Never play favorites.
  • Never badmouth anyone.
  • Never look down upon anyone. 
  • Never be in denial or defensive when given honest feedback.  
  • Never step back from a commitment.
  • Never promise anything that you canít fulfill. 

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