Being Awake

Posted On: December 4, 2018

Caught up in the hustle and bustle, we hardly realize the reality of being awake. We are, to the max, in the state of sleep-deprived wakefulness induced by mental inertia.

No matter how zoned out, hyperactive, or muddled we are, there’s a higher and a blissful state of awakened being which we can attain but are not able to. Not often do we get lucky to have that epiphany of waking up in the state of unceasing bliss inside us.

Superficial entertainment of vicarious kinds supplied by the mass media is what keeps our cluttered minds preoccupied with unintelligent stuff. We see a post or picture and we’re pulled into the abyss, seeking shallow distractions, the underlying addiction.

What are we but a traffic, an audience, consumers or zombies, buying purposeless entertainment?

The monkey mind that we have, wanders back and forth in the past and in future, having no idea what it feels to be in the present moment.

It is a magical experience to be awake- witnessing the existence as it is, one and same with us- no filter of perception, no layer of ignorance, neither a false projection, nor a mind gimmick. Pain is when the gap exists between the existential reality and the perceived reality.

Seeking the state of being awake and witnessing the existential reality is a worthy endeavour. It is everything you need. And it is all you can achieve in this life.

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