The Bucket List

Posted On: December 14, 2018

Bucket list- a list of things to do before you die. Attributes of this list change more frequently than the weather of London. As you age, you revise this list, adding more of what fascinates you and removing things that no longer have the earlier charm.

For instance- in childhood, you might have wanted to ride a Batmobile, visit Disneyland, or see a unicorn. In your teens, they may evolve into driving your favorite car, buying that latest cool gadget, winning a competition, getting famous, going on a date, etc.

More meaningful and practical things get added to the list as you hit adulthood. Now you want to travel the world and explore life. Things like going on an adventure, learning a new language, launching your startup, developing a professional expertise, making result driven investments, getting married, excelling at a sport, etc. drive you.

However, as maturity and responsibilities fall upon, the bucket list takes the back seat. The urge of having a ‘comfortable’ life where things are simple and easy-going, overpowers the inquisitive and explorer in you. Job, investments, family, household chores, socializing etc. become a way of life. However, at the back of your mind, that bucket list is still breathing and occasionally you even add things to that buried list. There comes a time when things are only being put into the bucket but none are being taken out.

Fifty-odd years down the line, you will regret not having lived by your bucket list which would have meant living the dream life that could have been an inspiration for others and a satisfaction for yourself.

The first step to making your way through your overflowing bucket list is refining the list over and again. Doing things that lift your spirits, connect you to your younger self and give you an untrammeled sense of living. Taking unexciting things off the list leaves you with the set of things that really make sense in your life.

Not all your to-do things are mega affairs. You have many doable things that can be done instantly. Try to do more of them and create an ecstasy of achievements.

Keep your bucket list achievable, but keep your list items challenging enough to make finishing “each item of the list” give shot in the butt.

These nuggets of achievements will suck you into a positive spiral and you will feel good and do more and do more and feel good. A never ending loop promising bliss and growth. Just imagine the first time you drove a car…it was fun and thorough enjoyment and not a task that you feel when you are doing your next Uber drop off. Keep the fulfillment in everything you do, align it with your innate needs and purpose, with proper understanding.

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