A Job is also a Business in this Digital Disruptive Era

Posted On: March 23, 2018

If you see your day job merely as a source of income, your motivation is going to ebb and flow. But if you see it as your own business, as a platform for your social and personal growth, then you will assume leadership and work in the direction of company’s overall success.

You will plan intermediate strategies to hit your pending work targets in time. Not because of the deadline, but due to the fact that an improved bottom line is a win-win for both you and the company.

As a result, you will undertake a greater responsibility and equip yourself to work efficiently in order to execute and exceed the responsibilities assigned. This will help you discover your untapped proficiencies and achieve success and fulfillment in your work life.

You’re an Entrepreneur even if you don’t Acknowledge It!

You don’t have to be a designated entrepreneur, to put into play your enterprising skills. As an employee, you are already in charge of some business division, required to earn profits and work with a team of people. This is what entrepreneurs do.

Regardless of your profile, position, or culture, at every level you already have the training and knowledge that it takes to be an entrepreneur. You need to work like an intrapreneur at job and use it as a platform to transform your experimental ideas into profit-centric entities. Once you see yourself as an entrepreneur, and treat your job like one, you start to ascend the ladders of corporate hierarchy at a quicker pace.

Making Money is not Rocket Science

Being profit-minded comes naturally when you think like an entrepreneur, whether in a business or a job. Your day-job provides you the easiest and fastest way to earn a fixed income every month. Instead of whining about your earnings, focus on adding value. The more value you add, the more money your employer makes; the more money your employer makes, the more you will be entitled to against your name.

The company will back pay you for the value added and also reward you with appropriate appraisal to retain you for future contributions. So add more value with your entrepreneurial mindset and instead of working for money, let money work for you. This simple work mannerism will pave the way for your career growth as well as economic affluence.

Your Network determines your Net Worth

This LinkedIn report says that 70 percent of people in 2016 were hired at a company where they had a connection. This means not just the business but every good job is also earned through the advantage of a network. No one will hire you without assessing your social skills and seeing who you know. The better the quality of people in your network is, the more likely you are someone worth hiring.

The best jobs are achieved not through years of experience, but through people’s network. Networking keeps you visible to the employers looking for ideal candidates . When companies know you as a strong and trusted resource, they remember to turn to you at the time of requirement. So be an entrepreneur and let the opportunities find you, instead of you depending on job advertisements.

Working Hard is not Outdated

Entrepreneurs love what they do. To them, career isn’t simply some business or profession. It’s an ongoing process of learning and growing. Likewise, intrapreneurs at work never see their job as a ‘9 to 5’ routine or something that they are forced to do to make a living. Their career is their passion and they take pleasure in working hard which helps them to realize their dreams.

This doesn’t mean that they are workhorses or are married to their jobs — they set boundaries and maintain work-life balance. They know when and how to work hard and work smart! Thus, if you want to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, stretch your thinking from average to effective and enter into the risk taking world.

Bring your Creative Passions to Work

The final piece of advice is coalescing hobbies with your job. Hobbies and personal interests can turn your work into a satisfying and profitable career. Entrepreneurs always use their avocations to their advantage, as a path for discovering how to navigate the maze of evolving businesses.

In order to monetize your talent, you should convert the same into a money spinning wheel. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, hobbies that could potentially be turned into businesses precisely include anything that adds value. If you’re good at what you do, then there’s no reason you can’t capitalize on it. Create a market for your hobbies/creative interests and secure an alternative source of income.

To Sum Up

Use your job as an opportunity to learn new skills and experiment with ideas to test your knowledge. Seek companies and business leaders that encourage internal innovation and aren’t intimidated by your inventiveness. After all, your ideas, and your willingness to execute them, should always be the signposts and milestones for your career growth.

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