The Cause of Mistrust- II

Posted On: February 26, 2020

All human beings tend to think of their beliefs and actions as right. They are of the understanding that only their way is the right way. Human beings do everything as per their own understanding and knowledge. Alas, this tendency becomes so overpowering that people go on to use the trust others have in them to influence and alter their thoughts.

All the while, the individual using trust to manipulate the other person, holds the belief that whatever he is doing is right. When the victim realizes the truth, he is dismayed becomes suspicious of other human beings. More such incidents and there comes a point when he trusts no oneóthe point of mistrust.

This happens in all walks of life and anyone can acquire this tendency from society and culture.

Here is the list of behaviors that cause mistrust:

  • Misalignment between thought, speech, and actions.
  • Considering others inferior or superior.
  • Betrayal for self gains.
  • Compulsive lying.
  • Failing to keep promises, agreements, and commitments.  
  • Treating others as competitors or enemies.
  • Underestimating other peopleís worth.
  • Using offensive language and tone.
  • Selective criticism or appreciation.

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