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Posted On: February 25, 2020
  • An employee works the whole month, for he trusts his employer’s commitment to pay the salary.
  • A citizen pays taxes, for he trusts the government will spend money for the nation’s welfare.
  • Two individuals get married, for they trust each other enough to build a lifelong companionship. 
  • A patient agrees to administer him anesthesia, for he trusts the health system. 

The above examples tell us that trust is a de-facto human behavior that acts as a basis of all relationships.

Human beings possess certain characteristics called human values. These values include trust, respect, affection, care, gratitude, productivity, and belonging among others. The ability to exhibit them is what defines a valuable human being.

Let’s discuss Trust

Trust — a sense of belief and confidence in something or someone. Trust is the foundation of all human connections. Trust a glue that holds relationships together and establishes bonds between people. 

Whether chance encounters, friendships, love relationships or work relationships, trust is the elementary factor. Without trust, there cannot be a relationship, let alone healthy ones. 

Trust is either present or absent. You cannot quantify trust. It is not like pressure, or temperature, or humidity, which you can measure or compare. Either you have trust or you don’t, there is no grey area in between. Human beings exist with trust. Being able to understand it will help form an ability to always have trust.

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However, we are living in times of mistrust. Take any relationship personal or professional, people are suspicious of each other. The beautiful human relationships are reduced to mere deception and doubt. All the fragmentation and conflict in a society or organization is the result of the same mistrust.

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