Quantity and Quality — Two Parameters of Improvement

Posted On: February 19, 2020

Improvement in any activity involving the physical body can be measured. Say if you are doing pushups or pullups, you can measure whether you improved by number, style, difficulty, etc. You can measure improvement in typing, writing, running, eating, etc.

However, things like thinking, understanding, happiness, etc. are all activities of consciousness. They are qualitative stuff and can not be quantified. That is the simple fact of these traits. They are felt, experienced, and shared but can not be quantified or measured. We can only experience them.

quality color

As long as you are feeling motivated and not agitated, you can be assured that you are in the right direction. Any moment when you feel tired drained or exhausted then the direction is not correct for these activities.

The beauty of these activities is they propagate and spread with no quantitative upper cap limitation. You can keep on increasing your happiness or clarity and it will never end. The more you share the more you will be having. That is the beauty of these qualitative activities being done by the human soul or consciousness.

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