Want to Know or Want to Be?

Posted On: December 31, 2019

Do you want to just philosophize or do you want to accomplish?

Philosophizing less, living and being more- Living by this principle saves a lot of time.

In order to accomplish or experience something, in order to become learned about something, you are required to understand it.

In discussions and talks, you are lost in the argumentative clutter. The understanding & experiencing become secondary in importance.

Logical reasoning helps you to understand, but being logical does not mean you already understand. In logical reasoning, the language is important while the actual object is not. Whereas in understanding & experiencing, the object is important, while words are secondary.

For instance, water is a word. Now questions like, “why does water exist?” “What is the essence of water?” “What is it like to have no water?” “How does the existence of water make a difference?”, etc. can be discussed under the method of logic and reasoning, but it will not serve any objective. These questions are rather absurd and have offer no experience in reality.

Rain drop on the palm

The fact is- “Water is not a word, water is an actuality”

To understand water, this sort of logical reasoning is necessary. It is the bridge to reach the metaphysical essence of water. In other words, Logical reasoning is the means of the intellect, and the means is not actually the end.

How did human beings develop the ability for logical reasoning?

The tool of logic is the result of the powerful imagination faculty of human beings. Human beings have some intellectual resources as well as material resources. Words are an intellectual resource- one that comes with imagination power. While those resources in the form of materials are the result of human being’s efforts and accomplishments.

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