Today > All Lived Yesterdays + To Live Tomorrows

Posted On: August 3, 2018

Understanding this simple principle can change your life. This obvious fact of life gets lost in the daily hustle of living amid myriads of fallacies and half-truths created in yourself till now.

“You are a life atom born to experience and enjoy bliss.”

You adopt a human body to achieve this goal. This human body helps you imbibe knowledge through the sense organs, and use brain to process the data. You are an actual entity learning the same. This is an existential reality that you can validate and understand yourself.

During the journey of life, you have three relations:

  1. with your body;
  2. with other human beings; and
  3. with the elements in nature.

All experiences that you gain, come from your interactions from among these relationships.

Tomorrow is Overrated

All those memories of yesterdays are deposited in your virtual vault and can be re-lived. Similarly, future hopes of good things in life in the form of dreams, wishlists, and aspirations are always on your mind. But both of them are forlorn attempts as no action is accompanied to bring them about.

Your predicament is that you can only be in any one of these three states. You can not be in more than one of them. Reminiscing the past or dreaming about the future results in creating a void in the present. This void or Emptiness becomes a big pain point in your life story.

You do not like this pain, so please refrain from taking those actions that inflict suffering.

Your relationship with your body is to be nurtured by keeping the body healthy and fit. While the physical pain in the body due to hard work (exercise), will be liked by you- “the senior faculty”. Eating healthy, having proper rest, and nourishing it, strengthens your relationship with the body. Indulging and degenerating the body weakens this relationship.

In your relationship with other human beings, understand that anything you do that creates bitter or painful memories for any other person will result in both of you sharing the pain. This can be a simple guideline to give direction to your actions for the rest of your life.

Ensure that you appreciate all other entities in nature and do nothing that jeopardizes their being. This is the surest guarantee of a universal moral behavior. You consume and optimally utilize the resources and not waste them. They are in existence for you to enjoy and share them with other human beings.

Reality is nothing outside this present moment itself. Today and now is what you have for certain. It is an opportunity to create a beautiful episode in your life. This opportunity of doing something in the “NOW”, will be available on each single day for the rest of your life. Therefore, today is the day and right now is the moment for you to interact and do justice to all the three relations listed above that are the default factory setting. All you can do is, understand and know them. They are going to be there always till you are alive. Make sure that you do not allow this opportunity called life to lapse, as it will never ever return.

All in all, take care of your body and do justice to the relationships with other human beings, other species, and elements on the earth. Understand and appreciate the individual relationship with every other human being you get in touch with today and ensure that with them you create moments of delight for everyone. Simply do not allow anything to generate negative vibes.

Just Do it, as the slogan of Nike says,

Do No evil, as the slogan of Google says,

Do it TODAY and NOW :), sums up for you the spirit of this story.

Remember, Today > All lived Yesterdays + To live Tomorrows.

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