Seven Ingredients for the Recipe of Happiness

Posted On: November 3, 2014

Business consulting is a professional assignment and personal lifestyle discussions do not fall under the preview of consulting. Every business involves people and their happiness is helpful to the business. Their contribution to business and efficiency will improve with happiness. Consultants can use this technique to achieve their goals via Employee happiness.

There is a very ancient recipe for magic potion in the Indian Culture for Happiness. Other contemporary cultures and societies also have similar recipes for a better living. Consultants can use these recipes to modify them and to fit them into their requirement in their consultancy business. This helps consultants to build a good rapport with the business stakeholders and helps them in their marketing through word of mouth.

Getafix — the druid, blended a magic potion that gave strength to Obelix and Asterix in the comics series. Consultants can use these real world POWERFUL RECIPES to give happiness to their clients. I have customized the verses to fit the global audience. The seven ingredients of the magic potion which will give happiness are listed below:

1. Nirogi Kaya- Free from Disease and Ailments:

This is the first ingredient for Happiness. Freedom from any ailment. Good Mental and Physical health are necessary for Happiness. To attain this, a person will have to lead a good lifestyle with proper time management. He has to make sure that he does not neglect his own self in trying to achieve success. In today’s world of fierce competition, a person needs to be careful about his own self. He needs to take care of his physical body, the Mind and thoughts, his character, and ethical behavior.

Do no evil is a nice philosophy which Google strongly endorses. It is a nice way to keep ailments away from the mind. Regular physical workouts, Yoga, and Marathon runs, etc. will help keep the physic supple and strong. Optimum mental and physical health is the first and foremost ingredient in the recipe of Happiness.

2. Ghar Me Maya- Sufficient Wealth:

Every person has his own upbringing and a way of living that he is used to. Having enough secured income to allow him to continue to lead that way of life is the second ingredient of the recipe. There are certain things that a person can term as his needs and there are some which he would term as luxury. The classification would vary from person to person.

Having sufficient money to fulfill one’s needs and an occasional dose of luxury is a requisite for happiness. With an increase in income, people tend to convert luxuries into needs. Whatever facilities one thinks as his needs always needs to be fulfilled. Sufficient wealth would mean having enough sustained regular income to fulfill his needs. Anything less will make him unhappy. We have an example below.

Commuting by train to work is OK for someone while always having a car is a need for another. Having a chauffeur driven car can be a minimum need for an affluent wealthy person. Whatever be the current status a person is in, having sufficient income to be able to maintain existing way of life is the second ingredient in the recipe of happiness.

3. Sulakshini Sangini- An Understanding Spouse/Partner:

Man is by nature a social animal. Sixth degree connection tells us that every individual is connected to another at the sixth degree. Still, man longs for just that one person with whom he wants to share his time, thoughts and life.

The holding of the palms on a morning walk and just sitting together on the bench of the park, the shoulder to rest on, the person to listen to, that one person is an important prerequisite for happiness. A famous quote comes to my mind:

“He who for love hath undergone the worst that can befall, Is happier thousandfold than one who never loved at all.”

4. Agyakari Bacche- Caring and Supporting Children:

Parents always stand by their children and wish the best for them. Properly brought up children with a secured future are a source of extreme satisfaction to the parents. When the children reciprocate the same caring attitude and responsibility for the parents, it helps the parents be happy even in times of difficulty. Blessed are those who are having such good children.

The increasing average age of the population in Japan and the European countries is a big pointer to this fact. Children need to plan taking care of their parents as an integral part of their career plans and not exclude them. With growing globalization and movement of people between continents, this is another important ingredient in the recipe. The Happiness increases for both the parents and the children when they spend time and show that they care for each other.

5. Sundar ho Vaas- Ideal infrastructure:

A Comfortable dwelling in a good neighborhood with the required amenities for easy living is the next ingredient in the recipe. Physical comfort, good surroundings, required infrastructure, etc. all form part of this ingredient.

A neat and clean dwelling and a neighborliness is required where the person is at home and not an alien. For eg. A person who does not know Spanish can not be happy in a condominium which has only Spanish speaking people. Even though in modern days we have tools and guides to communicate, being the odd one out feeling and anxiety will diminish his happiness. In spite of better physical facilities and comforts.

6. Sab ho Paas- Connected with his Family & Friends:

Staying connected with one’s Family and close Friends is an essential ingredient to the recipe of happiness. Everyone longs to have friends and relatives close to him. Thanks to the technological advances in communication this need is easily fulfilled for many of us. These days using various modes of communications people can stay time zones apart and still communicate on a regular basis and be in touch.

7. Sacche Mitron ka Saath- Company of True and Intelligent Friends to share Thoughts:

Man wants to share his joys with others. The simple story below will put this point across very nicely:

“As he settled into his seat, Jim saw in front of his seat an antique Gadget. The earlier passenger must have forgot thought Jim. He picked that up and with the other hand summoned the steward. The smiling flight attendant in the first class instantly appeared as if she was just waiting for the summon. “Sir, this is a very very useful gadget! Mr.Gates left it on purpose and asked me to let the lucky person who comes in have this.” She said.

Jim picked it up to behold and he got an instant feeling of bliss and serene tranquility. He found himself connected to the almighty. He got a telepathy. “Hey”, you are now a lucky man. Use this gadget with care. You should not tell anyone about this instrument or its magic power. Many people have not been able to handle it properly. “I will handle it very well” thought Jim.

He started carrying the gadget and could anywhere feel heavenly bliss by just touching the gadget. Things went on well for some time. After some days, Jim wanted to share the information with his spouse. As soon as that thought came to him, he got another telepathic message reminding him that once he told anyone about the Gadget, it would become useless. He listened and resisted.

As days went by, Jim found that there were so many people with whom he wanted to share his gadget and its powers. Slowly, he started using the instrument for bliss less and less and he was receiving more and more of the warning telepathy messages. That became too much and one day Jim left the gadget on his seat in the cab. Jim informed the driver to give it to the next passenger. Jim did not want to have feeling of Bliss and not share it with anyone else.”

Next time you take a cab, always be on the look out for the Gadget.

This is the final ingredient to the recipe of Happiness. Intelligent and true friends to share ideas thoughts opinions with. Debating, disagreeing and engaging with them gives happiness.

I request friends from other ancient civilizations to share such recipes from their old heritage. Some old civilizations that I can recall are:

The Chinese Civilization
The Egyptian Nile Valley Civilization
The Incas Civilization in Amazon
The Native Indians in the USA
The Greek Civilization of Athens & Sparta

There may be more I am not aware of but would love to hear more recipes about happy living from old traditions from all over the world.

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