From Misanthropes to Humanitarians

Posted On: June 24, 2020

You can’t help but notice words like ‘Misanthrope’, ‘Antisocial’ in bios and stories on the Internet. Boasting false introvertedness and faking antisocial personality traits is the latest fad on social networks. Millennials have a bad rep for being anxious to meet other people, establishing connections, and their disapproval of socializing.

It’s not just the Internet. Real-life interactions of millennials are all about showing off how unique, different, and detached one is. This is leading to poor, superficial relationships and everyone remains alone in their false individuality.

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Some of the common statements that you would have heard or read:

“I don’t like people. Honestly, I don’t have any friends.”

“I hate people. They suck. I’d rather be alone.”

“I cannot relate to anyone I meet.”

Be it work or personal life, the talks are always about how much pain others are causing. Relationships and interactions are looked down upon. The existential reality that all are collective lot is subjugated by the belief that one is meant to live individually. In no regard, can you mention humanity as a whole in your conversations. Some reasons:

  • Human beings are segregated in race, religion, ethnicity, gender. 
  • Natural resources and reserves are divided as per ownership
  • The land is divided into countries. 

With so many divides and segregations, when you interact with others, you cannot identify yourself or others as human beings. You are a man talking to a woman, an amateur talking to a professional, American talking to an Asian, A Jew talking to a Christian and so on.

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When you subscribe to different identities and ideologies, you inevitably second the invalid beliefs enforced by those ideologies. You disapprove of all other beliefs and are intolerant of people subscribing to beliefs different from yours. This is where all animosity, hatred, and conflict starts.

You are not meant to hate but love…

The truth is, you are born pure with innate qualities like love, trust, righteousness. The identities and ideologies you follow are not your real nature, rather invalid knowledge acquired from culture and education. These things overshadow your intrinsic humane qualities of being just, truthful and righteous.

Culture due to improper understanding of reality handout traits like hatred, discrimination, competition, etc. as a way of life. You accept those and live by them. Over time, you feel bad as things taught to you are contrary to your natural inclinations. You try to get rid of those. This explains the urges you have of being likable, being loved.

Soldier giving fruit to kids.

The most important happiness choice is to invest in your closest relationship, says a Harvard study.

How to like people more? How to be more likable?

Show others how much you like them, show pure cordiality, and you will get back the same level of affection and cordiality. It’s a two-way stream.

Another important add on is quality one to one interactions. Be truthful, authentic, and kind when talking to others. Quality interactions pave the way for amicable relationships. 

Do not see others as different from you. Differences create hostility. All the differences that you see are based on false beliefs. Seeing each other as human beings and not labeling them will bring harmony, coexistence. 

Takeaway ~ 

Current belief ~ You have to become likable and seek social validation.

In popular culture ~ Thomas Oppong’s article on discusses the habits of super likable people. In the article, he talks about how one can be more likable.

As per the Philosophy of Coexistence-   Being authentic is all that is needed and social liking will be a natural process. You do not have to make efforts to be likable by others. Be natural and get rid of adopted and absorbed wrong learnings. The Progress from Inhuman behavior to human behavior is an event that is bound to happen for all life atoms /souls since inhumanity is not acceptable to the human soul.

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