4 Questions to Answer When You’re Looking for Remote Work

Posted On: August 26, 2020

If you’re currently out of work and need to figure out how to make ends meet, or if you’re employed but want to make more money on the side, you live in a time of opportunity. Thanks to the internet, a wider variety of work-from-home jobs are more accessible than ever before.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to find the right kind of work. Most of the time, there’s more to it than opening Google and searching for jobs. Nonetheless, if you come at it with a strategy and willingness to persevere, you can land one or more gigs that help you make money and that may even turn into a career. Below are four questions to ask yourself (and answer) as you begin your search for successful, fulfilling remote work.

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1. What are you good at?

This is the most practical place to start when you’re looking for work. After all, your chances of succeeding are quite low if you choose to do something that goes against all of your skills and personality traits. So, evaluate what you’ve done in your career up to this point, and then jot down all of the hard skills you have acquired along the way, whether it’s been through education, training, or on-the-job experience. This could be anything from marketing to data analysis, from web development to cybersecurity.

You also want to consider the soft skills and personality traits that make you a unique worker. For example, maybe you’re gifted at communication and critical thinking. Or, perhaps you work great in teams or have a knack for leadership. Furthermore, your personality should be factored in when you’re deciding what kind of work to pursue. For instance, are you more of a cautious person or a gunslinger? Are you a multitasker or do you thrive in paying attention to detail?

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2. How can you market yourself?

Once you’ve determined a general industry or niche that you want to pursue, you need to make sure that you can market your skills and your brand as a whole. These days, online marketing is a must for small businesses. You need to have an engaging website that will allow you to effectively market your services so that you can grow your client base. Along with hiring a web designer, you will want to consider hiring a professional developer who specializes in MySQL programming, which can make your site (and business) more secure, reliable, and scalable.

3. Where can you find jobs?

Then, you need to know where to look for work. This is especially important if you wish to work remotely. There are millions of work-from-home jobs available around the world, and there are countless platforms through which you can find work. To help simplify the process as much as possible and give yourself the best chance of landing gigs you actually want to pursue, research the various platforms out there (e.g., Freelancer, Skip the Drive, FlexJobs, etc.) to determine which ones will work best for your industry/niche.

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4. How do I stay successful?

Finally, whether you’re going after a side hustle or trying to change your career, it’s essential to set yourself up for long-term success. Make sure you have a workstation that fosters productivity and establish solid work hours to ensure you get all of your work done each day/week. Also, be sure to invest in quality equipment (e.g., computer, fax machine, WiFi router, etc.) that will help you fulfill your daily duties. Moreover, research any tools or software you might need for collaboration, communication, management, and so on.

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While there are now more work-from-home opportunities than ever before, it’s important to prepare a little beforehand before diving into your job search. Remember to consider your skills and personality traits when determining what industry or niche to pursue. Then, figure out how you can market your brand and learn the right places for finding gigs. Lastly, take any necessary steps to put yourself in the position to succeed long-term.

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