The Philosophy of Coexistence

Posted On: July 31, 2019

It’s coexistence or no existence- Bertrand Russell

Coexistence is the underlying law of the universe. It is the very basis of existential reality. We live so we can learn to coexist, we coexist so we can learn to live. It is the highest principle encompassing each and every element; we can say it’s the essence of the universe.

Existence is the state and expression of harmonious coexistence. Coexistence means nothing exists in isolation and all the elements support each other’s existence. All elements and components of existence are part of the greater system and harmoniously enrich one another. Once the Philosophy of Coexistence is embraced and understood, people will start sharing instead of hoarding and Utopia will exist everywhere.

The Philosophy of Coexistence

The holistic Philosophy of Coexistence is a groundbreaking discovery for the human collective conscious. This Philosophy was preached by contemporary Enlightened sage Shri A.A. Nagraj. This led to the solving of a mystery that had human beings pondering ever since they fulfilled the needs of the physical body.

As more people learn and put this theory into practice, it will gradually become universal. The living examples of people and communities in coexistence will be the inspiration for more to follow. It is already on the way to becoming a culture and tradition for human adoption globally. These principles have applicability across creed, religion, culture, time, demography, age, and sex.

In a nutshell, Philosophy of coexistence is all about humans knowing the humane way of living. Once human beings understand natural order of things and existential reality, they will understand the humane conduct. As an outcome, they will have fulfilling and happy interactions with each other to share knowledge and experience bliss. A harmonious societal order will be established at the social level and individual participation will be self inspired working for the collective good.

The propositions of The Philosophy of Coexistence-

  • The universe is the coexistence of all-pervasive energy and matter and this coexistence is inseparable, indestructible, and imperishable.
  • Human Life is also the coexistence of incorporeal imperishable soul (Life-atom) and the body.
  • Human beings have the most advanced physical body with the fully evolved prefrontal cortex and the greater faculty of imagination which is absent in other creatures.
  • Inherently the human race is one, the problem among human beings is their imagination, add to it the incorrect education and knowledge handed down by culture and society.
  • Human beings are supposed to love and be affectionate with other human beings and lead a life with ease and comfort without doing anything that creates pain or suffering for other human beings.
  • Social norms and culture to date have not been able to create a social structure or establishment which is conducive to practising this way of life.
  • Man believes in Perceived reality over actual reality due to the incorrect education and knowledge handed down by culture and society.
  • The world can be aligned to the actual reality of inherent harmony via a systematic change in education and societal practices.
  • A tradition and culture where being born will be an opportunity and not a punishment can be created.

Why Coexistence?

Human beings are the most advanced species on the planet. Due to the fully developed frontal cortex, human beings are endowed with the power of intelligence, imagination, and understanding. Using these, they learned about the rules of matter, plants, and animals, and gained control over them. They also invented language, science, technology, mechanical devices, and other artificial things like country, religion, money, and ethnicity. This improper and incorrect use of the faculty of imagination created problems. While good use of the same imagination helped human beings use nature’s bounty in many useful and innovative ways. Facilities and comfort have become easy for universal adoption by harnessing the power of imagination.

Today, humanity is fragmented; segregated into societies, countries, classes, religions, and other parameters. These compartmentalizations lead to war, competition, diplomatic conflicts, intolerance, fear, scarcity, and hatred. Globally, the need of the hour is to embrace the diversity for its potential, pursue equality, recognize the interdependence between people and each element in the universe, and address conflicts with understanding and not violence.

Philosophy of coexistence is the solution to these problems. Once a few people start living in harmony and absolute happiness, it will create a contagious effect leading to global bliss.

Impact of Coexistence on Human life and Living:

  • Self-evaluation on the basis of natural inborn instincts and not the comparative showoff stuff of the contemporary cultures.
  • Ability to comprehend oneself, relationships, and systems in order to live in complete harmony with everyone and everything.
  • A regret-free, sustainable, and harmonious life which can inspire coming generations.
  • Best utilization of natural wealth and time in order to create blissful experiences between human beings.

How can Universal Coexistence be Achieved?

Human beings are born pure and capable of forming opinions based on the knowledge they imbibe from society through culture and education. Once society starts enlightening everyone about the ultimate truth of coexistence by way of culture and education, humans will come to the understanding of existential reality, that has been eluding the philosophers, sages, and scientists since thousands of years. It will help the human race to rid itself of futile hardships and wipe out all the confusions and hyped survival challenges that are not real.

Human beings are capable of believing what they perceive and turning their belief systems into reality. Once the alignment of human perception with the actual reality of the coexistence is achieved then utopia will be existing on earth. To achieve the same, beliefs need to be modified by logic, reason, and learning into universal beliefs that every single person among the 7.5 billion can practice.

With the introduction of the internet, it is now possible to distribute this knowledge to more and more people. Once the critical mass of good and open people is connected and working, the tradition and culture will start talking about ‘us’ and ‘we’ as a species and do away the ‘them’ or ‘they’ or ‘others’.

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