Seth Godin- If you can’t state your position in eight words.


Author Name : Seth Godin

Seth Godin, also known as 'the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age' is a renowned business expert, best-selling author, lecturer, and high-profile blogger. Through his books, blogs, and lectures, Godin addresses diverse aspects of marketing, advertising, business venturing, and leadership. While the importance of expressing ideas and opinions in a few words remains, human beings invented the language to communicate the thoughts and concepts to each other. That is the purpose of language.
Words are the means of communication. Ideas are exchanged between human beings and words are one of the many mediums. Human beings need to be able to understand the meaning behind the word and then to the actual element in existence. The word can never be more than the element in existence and it being less is the limitation that goes with the word. Therefore, attaching undue importance to words is not correct and the subtle difference that varies according to the context needs to be understood.